“Appearance, Safety, Comfort and Convenience!” was the description of many 1951 Chevrolet Accessories. However, only a few were available on the cheaper Fleetline Special and Styleline Special. Accessories were available on the Styleline Deluxe, Fleetline Deluxe, 1951 Chevrolet Belair, Convertible and on the Station Wagon, the most expensive 1951 Chevrolet car. Popular accessories were the Tissue Dispenser, Fender Skirts and Directional Signals. But White Wall Tires, the External Windshield Sun Shade and the Deluxe Push Button Radio cost more!

“The Sparkling New Line of Genuine Chevrolet Accessories for ’51!” According to this 1951 Chevrolet Accessories Manual. Inside the pitch was – “Sparkling New Chevrolet Accessories That Add To The Comfort of Your Car!”. The rear cover of this 1951 Chevrolet Accessories stated – “Always get the Finest for the finest Car in its Field! Only – Genuine Chevrolet Accessories are Engineered for Chevrolet!”. See Accessory cover and a list of all the cool accessories available for the 1951 Chevrolet cars. 1951 Chevrolet Accessories For Sale

1951 Chevrolet Car Accessories Manual
1951 Chevrolet Car Accessories Manual

Genuine Chevrolet Accessories For 1951 Chevrolet Cars

  • Electric Shaver
  • Door Hold Open Device
  • Directional Signals
  • Illuminated Cigarette Lighter
  • Tool Kit
  • Deluxe Push Button Radio
  • Manual Radio
  • 9 Inch Speakers
  • Rear Seat Speaker
  • Fender Antenna
  • Dash Panel Ashtray
  • Deluxe Heater
  • Deluxe Defroster
  • Full Wheel Discs
  • Wheel Trim Rings
  • White Wall Tires
  • 39 Hour Clock
  • Rear Fender Panels (skirts)
  • No-Mar Fuel Door Guard
  • Door Handle Shields
  • Master Grille Guard
  • Rear Fender Panels (skirts)
  • Spotlight
  • Fog Lamps
  • External Windshield Sun Shade
  • Locking Gas Filler Door
  • Tissue Dispenser
  • Back-up Light

Perhaps the most interesting of all the 1951 Chevy Accessories was the Electric Shaver and the Door Hold Open Device. A door hold open device was incorporated in each door and prevented the door from closing of its own weight while entering or leaving the car.

1951 Chevrolet Accessory

Every feature, every detail and every accessory gave Chevrolet customers new evidence of it’s deep down quality. Advertising claimed – “It all adds up to the sum total of quality!”. The ad continues by stating “Compare it’s Lines!…Slam the Door!…Feel the Power! and Test the Brakes!. “Yet Chevrolet is the lowest priced line in the low-price field!” – claimed another magazine ad. While it stressed – “See your Chevrolet dealer soon. More People Buy Chevrolet Than Any Other Car!”. 1951 Chevrolet Trucks For Sale

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