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1951 Chevrolet Cars For Sale

New materials, new styling and a new two-tone color treatment made Chevrolet interiors more luxurious and inviting than ever before. Deep carpeting, durable leather and fabric scuff pads made Chevy interiors “Spacious, Gracious and Practical”. Two-tone gray interiors with light gray striped pattern cloth upholstery were used on the 1951 Styleline Specials and Fleetline Specials. The foam rubber cushions of the big, soft deluxe seats in the 1951 Styleline Deluxe and Fleetline Deluxe cars were upholstered in a fine quality, light gray broad-cloth enriched with dark gray stripes.

1951 Chevrolet Interior
1951 Chevrolet Interiors

1951 Chevrolet interior colors included Four different special two-tone combinations that were offered in Bel Air interiors. Bel Air upholstery was in two-tone gray striped pile cord fabric with genuine deep buff leather. Station Wagons were trimmed with tan imitation pigskin. Popular interior accessories were the Tissue Dispenser, Electric Shaver and the Deluxe Push Button Radio. 1951 Chevrolet Interior Trim Parts

1951 Chevrolet Dash
1951 Chevy Dash

In this image see how the seating is set right between the front and rear axles. This center point seating is the reason for the comfort, smooth and gliding ride of the new 1951 Chevrolet cars. New for 1951 was “No-Draught Ventilation” where the air is brought in through the front ducts and circulated throughout the entire car. “It’s Completely draftless and you can control the flow of air.” Chevrolet claimed. 1951 Chevrolet Cars For Sale

1951 Chevrolet Deluxe Ash Tray and Glove Compartment
1951 Chevrolet Deluxe Ash Tray and Glove Compartment

The most significant change in the 1951 Chevrolet Interior was the new dashboard. Instruments were now set in two round dials, one for the speedometer and one for the four gauges. Illumination was by glare free green light. The clock was now mounted in a round housing above the center of the dash. The radio speaker and ashtray was mounted behind bold vertical chrome bars. All in all the 1951 Chevy coupes and sedans had a more attractive dash than the 1950 Chevrolet. Find 1951 Chevrolet Interior here.

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1951 Chevrolet Cars For Sale