Passenger Car Features

Chevrolet passenger cars for 1951 features distinctly new appearance and numerous mechanical refinements. From a new radiator grille to longer lines for the rear fenders, many details have been restyled to create an impression of a lower and longer 1951 Chevrolet.

  • Emblem displays a larger trademark
  • Hood ornament Mofit is a jet plane
  • Bumper guards have massive low lines
  • Parking lights fit into grille ends
  • Side molding identify Deluxe models
  • New instrument panel

1951 Chevrolet Features
1951 Chevrolet Features

A typical 1951 Chevrolet advertisement stated the following – More people buy Chevrolets than any other car! Size it up and you’ll see why! chevrolet’s longest tops all others in its field with a sweeping 197 inches over all. Chevrolet’s heaviest more road hugging weight 3110 pounds in the 2 door sedan. Chevrolet’s got the widest tread, 59 inches. Chevrolet’s finest in fine car features. Comfort roomy “Body by Fisher” blanced smoothness of knee action ride. Cradled comfort of center point suspension. Safety jumbo drum brakes, sight instrument panel. Handling ease – Experience the alert responsiveness of Chevrolet’s valve in head engines.

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1951 Chevy Advertisement
1951 Chevy Advertisement

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