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There are a whopping 61 cultists to hunt down and assassinate in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey—42 in the base game and 19 in the Legacy of the First Blade expansion. If you’re keen on eliminating every last one of them, it will take a great deal of time and patience, so strap in and remember to take frequent stretch breaks.

Hunting down all of the cultists will surely take at leasta week’s time and serious main story progression; thus, you might want to take it slowly. However, there are similar quests that take way less time. For example, the Daughters of Artemis questline will send you on an adventure to hunt 8 legendary beasts and reward you with some great scenes and legendary gear.

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey — Base Game Cultist Locations

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey isn’t completely consistent when it comes to the conditions you’ll need to fulfill before you can assassinate the leader of each sub-cult. Some members of the Inner Circle (those arranged in a circle around the Ghost of Kosmos on the cult screen) can be assassinated at any time, whereas others can’t be killed until you’ve dealt with all of their subordinates.

There are seven “branches” of the cult tree, each of which has a leader. That leader is a member of the Inner Circle and is the last cultist listed in each section of this guide.

Delian League Locations

Brison hangs out in the Salamis Marble Quarry, in Attika, and is available to be killed as soon as the proper main questline begins.

Podarkes the Cruel won’t appear until you complete the side quest “Trouble in Paradise” on Mykonos. After that’s done, the quest “Hades, Meet Podarkes” will become available, and you’ll be able to find and assassinate Podarkes at the local leader house. (He’s a nation leader and is one of the most well-protected of all the cultists, just FYI.)

Rhexenor the Hand is an unmissable main story target that you’ll encounter during the chapter 8 quest “A-Musing Tale.”

Iobates the Stoic can be found at the Desecrated Sanctuary on Lemnos Island.

Kodros the Bull is the target of the side quest “Chip on Your Shoulder,” which can be picked up on the Chios Islands, southeast of the Haunted Forest of Artemis.

Kleon the Everyman is a main story target that you’ll assassinate at the end of chapter 8.

Silver Vein Locations

Epiktetos the Forthcoming is a main story target, so you can’t miss him. Expect to cross paths with him during “The Serpent’s Lair” in chapter 3.

The Chimera wanders around the Beach Encampment on the southern shore of Andros Island. She’s not a quest target, so you can deal with her at any time.

The Centaur of Euboea, as his name might suggest, lives on Euboea Island, at the second “bulge” in the northern coastline (roughly due north of the last “a” in “Euboea”). You can waste him whenever it’s convenient.

The Silver Griffin lives on Prasonisia Island, which is southwest of Mykonos. Like every other Silver Vein cultist except for Epiktetos, he’s not tied to a quest, so you can take him out at your leisure.

Machaon the Feared walks around near the harbor at Mount Panachaikos, in Achaia.

Poleman the Wise spends most of his time at the temple in the Teichos of Herakles fort, slightly southwest of the center of Achaia.

Eyes of Kosmos Locations

Elpenor is a main story target. You’ll deal with him during the quest “Snake in the Grass” in chapter 3.

Sotera skulks around in the Fort of Megaris, due south of Boeotia.

The Master hides behind a series of side quests. You’ll need to head to Attika and do all of the available Sokrates quests, at which point the quest “A Life’s Worth” should become available. Once it’s active, The Master will show up near the Silver Mountain in the southern sector of Attika.

Hermippos is the target of the “Free Speech” side quest, which will become available after you’ve done all other side quests in the Attika region.

Midas can be assassinated anytime. You can find him in Argolis, roughly 500 meters south of the word “Korinthia” on the map.

Nyx the Shadow isn’t tied to any quests, so you can take her down whenever you please. Find her in Attika, in the southeastern corner of the city.

Gods of the Aegean Sea Locations

The Mytilenian Shark rides around on a ship that sails back and forth between the islands of Samos and Kos. Like some of the other cultists in this branch, his ship has purple sails, so it should be easy to distinguish from Spartan, Athenian, pirate, or merchant ships (which have red, blue, black, and white sails, respectively).

Melanthos sails around in a small area west of Messara. Keep an eye out for the purple sails and take him down whenever you’re in the area.

The Octopus travels between Messara and Thera. His sails aren’t purple though, they’re black, and he’s usually accompanied by several other pirate ships. If you aren’t up for a full-on naval battle, try predicting his ship’s path, getting ahead of it, swimming close and boarding it quietly.

Sokos, like Pallas the Silencer, only appears during a certain region conquest battle—the Obsidian Islands, in this case. Weaken the region’s current leader in the usual manner and side with either Athens or Sparta when the conquest battle becomes available. It will be a naval battle, and Sokos will be on a large ship with brown sails, fighting for the opposing side. Sink it to cross this cultist off your list.

Asterion drives a regular purple-sailed cultist ship between Skyros and Andros.

The Hydra hangs out in the absolute middle of nowhere, in the extreme southwestern corner of the map. He’s nowhere near any land, so you might need to call Ikaros to find him. Look for a large ship with red sails. It’ll probably have several escort ships nearby, so either gear up for a fierce fight or quietly sneak onto the cultist’s ship and dispatch him in person.

Worshippers of the Bloodline Locations

Melite loafs around at Kresilas’s Residence in Messara and can be killed at any point during the game.

Harpalos wanders around all over Keos Island and isn’t tied to any quests. The island is pretty small, so he shouldn’t be hard to find.

Zoisme can be found at the Wild Bear Cave in the Bay of Xerxes, which is in Malis.

Diona will die at the end of the “I, Diona” quest chain, which starts on the small island of Kythera. You’ll discover that she has a twin sister and you’ll have to kill one of them (or both of them, if you make the wrong choice). You’ll have to kill Diona either way. Note that she’s also a potential romance option if you’re into fraternizing with the enemy.

Chrysis is a staggeringly evil old woman. You’ll encounter her during the side quest “Death Comes to Us All” in Argolis. You’ll have to make a timed decision, and depending on which way you go, you’ll either get to kill her right away or you’ll have to track her down again later.

Iokaste the Seer hangs out (with lions) in the Anvatos Ruin fortress, which is in the Haunted Forest of Artemis in the northern region of Chios Island.

Heroes of the Cult Locations

Pallas the Silencer is a Spartan commander, and he’s somewhat trickier to find than most of the other cultists. To get him to show himself, you must trigger the conquest battle in Achaia by fighting for Athens. He’ll show up sometime during the fight, so be sure to take him out before the battle ends. Bear in mind that you’ll have to confirm the kill, which takes several seconds and can be difficult to do during combat, so fight him in a relatively isolated part of the battlefield if possible.

Deianeira is a main story quest target. You’ll deal with her during the chapter 7 quest “The Fall of Deianeira.”

Belos, the Beast of Sparta is the second boss you’ll fight at the Pephka Arena. He’s level 29, so make sure you’re somewhere around there before you take him on.

The Swordfish appears in an underwater cave in Messara during the side quest “Myths and Minotaurs.”

Okytos the Great has taken over the Temple of Poseidon on a mountain at the southern edge of Attika. There’s no special quest required to unlock him.

Exekias the Legend can’t be killed until you take care of every other target in this branch of the cult tree, so save him for last. When you’re ready, you can find him at Olouros Fortress in Achaia.

Peloponnesian League Locations

Skylax the Fair is the leader of Euboea, but he moves around depending on the strength of his regime. If Euboea is heavily fortified, he’ll be at the leader’s house with a small army of guards. If the region is at medium strength, he’ll be in a tent (which could also be in one of several different places) outside of town. If the region is weak, he’ll be walking through town by himself or with two guards.

The Monger is a mandatory main story target at the end of chapter 5. There are two very different ways to deal with him—see our Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey choices guide for details.

Lagos the Archon is another main story target. You’ll encounter him in Chapter 7, during the quest “To Kill or Not to Kill.” It’s actually possible to persuade Lagos to leave the cult without killing him, but in order for this to be an option, you’ll have to have done several other things first. The whole Lagos situation is kinda complicated, but the above-mentioned guide to choices can break it all down for you.

Kallas is yet another unmissable main story target. You’ll get to kill him during “The Long Game” in chapter 7.

Silanos is, once again, an unmissable main story target in chapter 7.

Pausanias is—you guessed it—another mandatory main story target in chapter 7. You’ll deal with him during the quest “A Bloody Feast.”

Final Cultist: Ghost of Kosmos Location [Major Spoiler Ahead]

The Ghost of Kosmos—the leader of the whole cult—is a woman named Aspasia. You might recall running into her several times before. The option to kill her (or romance her—don’t ask) only becomes available after you’ve killed ALL of the other 41 cultists.

Legacy of the First Blade Cultist Locations

Presumably, you haven’t started the Legacy of the First Blade DLC unless you’ve completely finished the main story. Speaking of which, have you drunk some water and gone outside recently? Killing those 42 cultists in the base game takes a long time, we’re just looking out for your health.

Order of Hunters Locations

Timosa the Physician is a main story target—probably the first DLC cultist that you’ll run into. She’s the target of the quest “Mysterious Malady,” which can be started in the town of Potidaia.

Phratagoune the Keeper hangs out near a bear den in the northern part of Makedonia. (Yes, you’ll have to fight the bear too, unless you can air-assassinate Phratagoune without the bear noticing.) If you’ve already taken care of Timosa, you’ll have a map marker pointing right to Phratagoune.

Konon the Fighter is in northeast Makedonia, pretty much due east of Phratagoune. More precisely, he’s at a location called Xerxes’s Sacrifice of the Nine.

Echion the Watcher is the target of the main quest “Dead Man Rises.” During this quest, you’ll have to deliver five bear pelts to a blacksmith’s assistant, who will ask you for a password. The correct answer is “…And we are the Order.” If you give it, he’ll leave you be, but if you answer incorrectly, you’ll have to kill this guy. Either way, you’ll still get the clue that shows you where to find Echion (in Asklepion, northeast Makedonia, if you just want the answer already).

Bubares the Conspirator is encountered at the end of the quest “Revealing the Recruiter.” He’s west of the Roots of an Empire region and southeast of the Unexplored Mount Pangeon.

Akantha the Deceiver’s location will be revealed when you find a cultist clue in Olynthos Fortress during “Revealing the Recruiter.” She’s at the leader’s house near Asklepion. If she detects you, she’ll run away (and she’s fast), so be prepared to either take her down stealthily or run her down.

Pactyas the Huntsman is the semi-final boss of the Legacy of the First Blade DLC, so you won’t be able to find him until you’ve taken down all the other cultists except Amorges, who is the true final boss. Once you’ve done so, accept the “Whimpers in the Fog” main quest to find Pactyas.

Order of the Storm Locations

Phila the Tempest is the final target of the “Leviathan’s Maw” main story quest. After destroying her ship, you’ll have to swim to the nearby shore and fight her there, on foot.

Megakreon the Unbreakable is your target during “Theatrics and Espionage,” which you can begin by speaking to Darius near Patrai. Follow along with the quest prompts and Megakreon will attack you at the end.

Nestor the Formidable can be unmasked by picking up the cultist clue on top of a hay bale in one of the outbuildings in the Olouros Fortress. He’s one of those ship-bound cultists, so hightail it back to the Adestria and send him to a watery grave.

Augos the All-Seeing can’t be hunted until you take out Nestor, so be sure to do that first. She walks around in Pellene in a blue and gold dress.

Sophos the Broker won’t come out of hiding until you pick up a clue that can be found on a wrecked ship in Pellene. (Might as well pick it up while you’re there to kill Augos.) Sophos can then be found near the docks in Patrai.

Order of Dominion Locations

The Immortals are actually several different guys who wear cool masks, but they collectively count as one cultist. You’ll fight them during one of the game’s best and most dramatic scenes at the end of the DLC’s second quest, “A Fight in Fire.” Beware, these guys are fast, and they like to split up and attack you from all sides. Stay on your toes.

Dimokrates the Destroyer becomes assassinate-able after you complete “The Ordering of the Kosmos.” When you get to the part of the quest that instructs you to follow a group of men, eavesdrop on them when they reach their destination to learn where to find Dimokrates.

Gergis the Herald is a conspicuously nondescript dude you’ll first meet during “The Last Magi.” You can kill him then, but you actually don’t have to. You’ll get a second chance to put him in the ground during “Smoke and Fury” if you don’t do it now.

Gaspar the Gatekeeper is in the Terror Gorge cave. The clue to finding him isn’t far away, in the marsh southwest of Mount Ithome Fort. (Look for a dead guy with loot sparkles in the water.)

Pithias the Architect can be identified by finding a note in Pedasos Camp, or by picking up a scroll dropped by Artazostre the Silence if you decide to kill her first. Pithias is in Aipeia, usually in or near the large warehouses.

Artazostre the Silence can be unmasked by finding a letter in Keadas Cave. She’s more nomadic than most of the other cultists, so her exact position will depend on several factors. She’s almost always on the road somewhere between Aipeia, Messene, and Mount Ithome Fort. Scanning around with Ikaros should make it much easier to find her.

Amorges, the Tusk of Persia is the final boss of Legacy of the First Blade and can’t be confronted until all of his underlings are six feet under. You’ll fight him during the last quest, “Legacy of the First Blade,” and Darius will help.

61 Cultists Down, Finally

You did it! That was a lot of work, eh? All of the Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey cultist locations can be tiresome to seek out by yourself but most of them aren’t too tough to beat.

If you’re ready to take on the toughest challenges that Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey has to offer, check out our Cyclops, Sphinx, and Medusa guides.

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