Bouncy castle hire County Durham, Teesside, Tyne & Wear (2023)

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Areas we cover: Wind speeds.

Book your Bouncy Castles online 24/7 here at The Northern Entertainment co!

Clean, tested, tagged, insured, safe & fun for everyone!

Our Inflatable Bouncy Castles come in a whole wide range of sizes, styles and designs, so whether its magical unicorns, wicked superheroes or cheeky monkeys, we have the most popular themes loved by boys and girls of all ages!

We have inflatables suitable for all ages from baby and toddler sized bouncy castles and soft play to full size adult disco domes!

Check out our toddler bouncy castles, available in a choice of bright colors and themes with cute little obstacles sewn in and see through mesh surround so parents can see their little one from each angle. Our toddler inflatables have smaller entrances making it more secure when bouncing about.

We have fantastic party packages all set ready for your themed parties! Our two most popular choices are our Race Cars and Unicorns packages. Each package features a 12ft bouncy castle suitable for both indoor and outdoor bookings, plus matching ball pool and soft play set.

We also have lots of different styles to choose from, you can mix and match your hires to a party that suits you!

We supply bouncy castles all year round for both indoor and outdoor events. Perfect for Birthday parties, Weddings, Christenings, Family Fun days, school fetes, galas, colleges, corporate and all other special occasions across the North East.

Areas we cover:

  • Ferryhill,
  • Spennymoor,
  • Newton Aycliffe,
  • Bishop Auckland,
  • Stockton,
  • Hartlepool,
  • Cleveland,
  • Teesside,
  • Tyne & Wear.
  • We also cover parts of North Yorkshire and Northumberland, Please contact us for further information regarding delivery areas.

Feel free to take a look at our huge range of Inflatables below. Each item has a full description containing useful information including size, price, what's included and more. If we have missed anything, you are welcome to contact us via our online enquiries form or call our office.
For any information regarding our Health and Safety terms, please click the link.
See something you like? Booking is super easy with our online system, your event can be in our diary within 5 minutes using our online booking form. Simply select your product or package, check availability and book online.

Here at The Northern Entertainment co. We put the safety of you and your loved ones at the very heart of what we do. All of our inflatables are RPii inspected and PIPA tagged annually and carry public liability insurance up to £5m.

All our electrical equipment is regularly PAT tested and we carry out risk assessments & method statements when required. Our inflatables are set up by our fully trained professional team, the inflatable will be pegged into the ground using pegs for soil or thunderbolts for concrete surfaces. Please note: we do not use sandbags outdoors.

How do I book?

We have a superb quality online booking system on our website where you can book online via our quick hassle free form. You can click check availability or book online at the bottom of the items page. Alternatively if you would like to contact us, you can call our office on 01740650966. We also have a Contact Us link where you can send us an email, this option is preferred on evenings and weekends as our team may be out on deliveries.

Full information about our products and fantastic packages can be found on the descriptions of each service.

When you make a booking, a member of our team will review everything before confirming. We will contact you if any changes need to be made. If you have any questions upon booking, please email us or call the office.

All bookings require a deposit of £20 to secure your date. Once deposit is paid, you will receive a confirmation of your booking. After 48 hours, any unsecured bookings are cancelled and become available online to the public.

Important Notice

We will only set up an inflatable in compliance with HSE UK standard BSEN14960.
This means that the area MUST be suitable and secure for our team to install any equipment.
If you have ANY other surface besides real grass and soil, you must contact us before booking. This includes artificial grass which is most likely not suitable for inflatable hire.
Secure back garden or venue grounds hire only, we will not set up on communal areas, public car parks, streets or any other council or public land without written permission. Please see our for full information regarding inflatable hire. Please note: We DO NOT supply generators. Our electrical blowers are connected to mains power supplied from homes and venues. We have extension cables for gardens which are a short distance from the building. However we cannot trail cables across roads or public pathways.

Wind speeds.

On the day of your booking, you will receive a wind speed monitor (Anemometre) Your operator will show you how to use it to ensure maximum safety measures. In the event of gusts reaching 24mph, the inflatable must be vacated immediately and the castle switched off until the wind drops. It is illegal for an inflatable to be hired out in wind speeds or gusts at 24 mph or higher. We closely monitor the weather daily and will always inform our customers at the earliest point if the day of hire is predicted unsafe, in which case we will do our best to accommodate a rescheduled booking. This includes predicted gusts which can happen at any point of the day, even if the general weather is just breezy.


We will only anchor an inflatable outdoor on suitable surfaces using steel pegs for grass or drill and bolts for hard standing. If you have a hard standing surface you MUST contact us upon booking so we can advise on whether it is suitable. We do not use sandbags outdoors. Please see our terms for further information.


All of our equipment is professionally cleaned and sanitized before and after each hire. We take pride in our hygiene standard. We deep clean all of our equipment using concentrate professional grade sterilizing fluid, covering every square inch, rinsing and then applying an air drying, skin kind sanitizer. Upon set up, a second spritz of sanitizer will be applied.

Contact Us


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Frequently asked questions

Q. How is the bouncy castle inflated?

A. All bouncy castles are fitted with a fan which blows air constantly through the inflatable. The fan must be left switched on at all times. The bouncy castle will not over inflate. When the fan is turned off, the bouncy castle will deflate instantly. The blower should only be switched off when a member of our team collects.

Q. Do you supply power?

A. We do not hire generators. Bouncy castles require a mains power socket at 240V. Please check with your venue that adequate power is available to inflate the castle.

Q. If I book less time, will it be cheaper?

A. Sadly no, we charge a standard day rate which the inflatable can be delivered anytime between 9am and 6pm.

Q. Can I hire a bouncy castle overnight?

A. Yes absolutely, you will need a secure garden or venue premises for overnight hire. To book overnight you can select the option online or add a note in your booking form.

Q. I have artificial grass, can I book?

A. We need firm soil underneath to anchor the inflatable safely. If this is not possible then we can only suggest an alternative service or product. Please note: sand or gravel is unsuitable for anchoring inflatables.

Q. Can you use sandbags?

A. An outdoor inflatable would require 163kg per anchor point, this means approximately 72 sandbags! We do not use sandbags outdoors for this reason, it is unsafe and impractical.

Q. Will rain affect my hire?

A. No. The rain will not stop us delivering a bouncy castle unless the weather is unsafe ie: thunderstorms and winds reaching 24mph. When the inflatable is used correctly, the castle is safe to use in the rain. Please ensure you follow the operators instructions upon set up.

Q. Can adults use the castle?

A. We have lots of bouncy castles suitable for adults, Explore our full range for further details.

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