Bouncy castle hire Eltham - Bouncy Castle And Soft Play hire in Welling, Dartford, Crayford, Sidcup, Falconwood, Eltham, Bexley, Bexleyheath, (2023)

Bouncy castle hire Eltham

For bouncy castle hire in Eltham, We’re not just the friendliest bouncy castle company in Welling but we’re the friendliest and most professional bouncy castle hire in Eltham Too. (Even if that is our customers opinion)

We have great themed bouncy castles for hire in Eltham and combo bouncy castles in Eltham that have the very best themes to add to front of them. Our combo castles are great for narrow (15ft wide gardens) as the slide on them comes out of the front so saves space to the side. This makes our combo bouncy castles 18ft long And only 12ft wide. This means they need an area of 14ft wide and at least 28ft long. We also have disco bouncy castles for hire in Eltham. These come with a Bluetooth speaker and A multi coloured disco light. The power of the speaker is loud enough to fill a hall venue or garden with music. We also do Gazebo hire in Eltham and have 3m x 6m gazebos available with or without sides.

Themed bouncy castles in Eltham

For themed bouncy castles in Eltham you have come to the right place. We not only have Super hero bouncy castles in Eltham and Super hero Disco bouncy castles in Eltham but we have princess bouncy castles in Eltham too. Pirate bouncy castles in Eltham might have been an idea that you thought you might not get but we have plenty of bouncy castle in Eltham that we can add our pirate theme to. We can make a mix of bouncy castle themes like Pirate and princess themes to make a Princess ‘n’ Pirate theme for child’s birthday. Our Princess’n’pirate theme is unique to us. So why not try it as something different for your kids party. These themes can be added to either a blue or pink bouncy castle for either a boy or girls bouncy castle party in Eltham. Another theme is a pink dinosaur bouncy castle. This is great for boys and girls birthday parties and is a great party idea for toddlers. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse feature on one of our themes too and we have a pink Minnie Mouse and Mickey themed bouncy castle in Eltham to add to your child’s birthday party. Minions is a fantstic theme for boys and girls, same again you can add whatever bouncy castle you choose to go with the theme. You can add our minions bouncy castle for hire in Eltham in either pink or blue or maybe you’ll want a minion disco bouncy castle for your party in Eltham. I’m pretty sure your getting the idea by now. You can choose the theme then choose the bouncy castle of your choice.

Bouncy castle and soft play packages in Eltham

We have a themed Soft play sets to Hire in Eltham with our bouncy castles or maybe you’d prefer to have the softplay to hire In Eltham on its own. We only hire our softplay set for indoor hire so if you have a big enough area (12ft x!0ft) then we can fit these into your home. They come with a ball pond as upto 500 balls! Our softplay sets are available as jungle themed, super hero, princess, unicorn, PJ Masks and peppy pig soft play but please call us if you want the last two.

Adult bouncy castle hire in Eltham

We also have adult bouncy castles to hit in Eltham. Adult bouncy castles are great for all the family to enjoy. We have Adult disco bouncy castles available to hire in Eltham too. All disco bouncy castles and disco domes come with a disco light and Bluetooth speaker to connect to Tablet or iPad..

Eltham is where I spent my years growing up on the Middle park estate. I’m well versed in the garden sizes and our 11x15 castles fit nicely even in the narrow Maisonette split rear gardens (please check all measurements though). As with all bookings for Bouncy castles in Eltham taken in flats or maisonettes we would need an extension plug lead to the ground floor if your maisonette/flat is not on the ground floor. If we have To come down an alley between houses then please make sure that the alley is clear for us to walk a sack barrow through.
Lilys bouncy castles and softplay hire obviously deliver to all the estates and areas around Eltham and Kidbrooke including Prince John estate near the old Eltham baths, Paige estate near the Yorkshire Grey roundabout and Eltham park south estate at the top of Eltham high street as well as the coldharbour estate and New Eltham. Hornpark estate just the other side of Cliftons’ roundabout is where we also deliver bouncy castles. We also deliver to Well Hall and progress estate.

Probably the most famous building in Eltham is Eltham palace. The original Medieval palace is still visible in the magnificent great hall. The hammer-beam roof was built five hundred years ago for Edward IV. The Domesday book first recorded the Eltham estate in 1305 when it was presented to Edward II. It turned out to be one of the most favour royal palaces with over 1,000 acres of deer park right on its doorstep. Henry VIII is known to have accommodated during his childhood. In the 1930’s the millionaires Stephen and Virginia Courtauld saved Eltham palace by transforming it into a lavish Art Deco state of the art home They even had a pet lemur!!
Now days Eltham palace has 19 acres of beautiful gardens that was a gold winner in the 2017 London Bloom Awards. There is also a café, shop situated in a glasshouse.

Bob Hope is probably the most world famous person to come out of Eltham. Bob Hope was born in Craigton Road, Eltham in 1903 and maintained strong link to Britain since is emigration at the age of four. Bob. Within Bobs organisation came the idea that he might fund a theatre for the benefit of young people in his home town.
Eltham Little Theatre which was formed in 1943 to promote drama, allied arts and music in Eltham. In 1979 Eltham little theatre was struggling to find funds And was almost resigned to closer and the premises were up for sale. This is when Bob Hope stepped in.

Eltham has been the home a few musicians too, including Kate Bush who was a famous singer, songwriter in the late 70’s and early 80’s. She spent four weeks at the top of the charts with her debut single “Wuthering Hieghts” and since then has released 25 uk top 40 hits including “The man with the child in his eyes” and the duet “Don’t Give Up” (a duet with Peter Gabriel) although Kate was born in Bexleyheath at the Bexley Maternity Hospital. She grew up in welling at East Wickham Farm on Wickham street. Kate Bush went to school at St. Joseph’s convent school in Abbey Wood. She bought a large house in Court Road, Eltham after making her money.

Boy George is another famous Singer, songwriter that has lived in Eltham. He lived for a while on the Middle Park Estate at 29 Joan Cresent (I used to live at number 27 Joan cresent but not while the o’Dowds’ lived there.) Boy George is the lead singer of popular 80’s band Culture Club. They were a sensation around the world with hits like “Karma Chameleon” and “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me”. George O’Dowd was born Barnhurst, Bexleyheath in 1961 and also lived on the top of Shooters Hill which boarders Eltham, Welling and Kidbrooke. In the 90’s and 00’s. Boy George a very successful in Ibiza and Night clubs around the world.

Lilys Bouncy Castle And Softplay hire ltd, Welling,


Bouncy castle hire Eltham - Bouncy Castle And Soft Play hire in Welling, Dartford, Crayford, Sidcup, Falconwood, Eltham, Bexley, Bexleyheath, (1)

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