Event Staff in Dallas Texas 2020 Hiring Guide | Hiring Event Staff (2022)

Hiring event staff in Dallas Texas in 2020

With the fall 2019 events season now underway, all event companies are heavily engaged in their respective fields. Fall weddings and events in Dallas remain a staple of the culture of North Texas. Primarily because the oppressive summer heat finally gives way to a divine autumn crispness. This limited window of perfect temperature ushers in the busy fall wedding season. Fair-weather wedding guests and party-goers flock to outdoor wedding venues. Rooftop patios and backyard parties fill with guests celebrating the clear skies and cooler temperatures. Among this sea of brides, planners and guests, event staff busily shuttle the entire affair on trays throughout the party. But what should well-spoken and polite, yet temporary event staff in Dallas Texas cost when you only need them for a few hours on a particular day?

The cost of event staff in Dallas Texas will rise next year

Currently, workers within the hospitality and events industry are largely dictating labor costs and worker pay rates themselves. Because unemployment has shrunk to 3.4% in Texas, they now have a say in the matter. At the same time, event companies remain paralyzed with indecision about how to handle higher event staff hiring costs while retaining their clients and reputation. So, while pricing and hiring in 2020 may seem like distant priorities to event companies, ample reasons exist to look ahead. Every company will be forced to raise prices in some fashion to compensate for their rising labor costs. The market forces of low unemployment and abundant job opportunity dictate this truth. Combined, they will be the primary drivers on upending outdated pricing models for event staff in Dallas Texas in 2020.

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Event staffing agencies and caterers caught in the middle

Even this year, rising labor costs in relation to preexisting pricing arrangements are wreaking havoc on profitability for many companies. So, how can planners correctly budget weddings and events for 2020 when labor costs continue to rise? And what will that mean for caterers and temp agencies caught in the middle? On the one hand, people and businesses hosting events possess more choices than ever. On the other hand, event staff in Dallas Texas and other parts of the state want more money for the temporary use of their time and services. This dynamic spells trouble to event companies who cannot revise their pricing structures sooner rather than later. That is why looking ahead now and revising event pricing accordingly will be critical to surviving the labor crunch in 2020.

Event Companies in Dallas having to make tough choices

However, both planners and caterers remain upstream from event staffing companies in terms of negotiating prices for weddings and events. And they remain hard-pressed to raise their prices with so many boom-economy startups competing against them. This increasingly forces caterers, country clubs and venues to make tough choices between immediate labor costs versus long-term quality and reputation. Unfortunately, this has resulted in a noticeable slide from ‘excellence in service’ to substandard at best across the industry. But beyond quality issues, the diminishing quantity of event staff in Dallas Texas affects the four corners of the events industry. Largely because most jobs within hospitality represent physically demanding positions. And while immigration reform represents a potential long-term solution, US political deadlock makes that an unlikely near-term solution.

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Opportunity or dilemma for event staffing in Dallas Texas?

Does this then represent a dilemma or an opportunity for event staffing companies in Dallas in 2020? Each will navigate the perilous path forward in their own method and manner. Many staffing agencies will keep prices steady in a frenzied bid to hold accounts, even as their own costs rise. However, low pricing and therefore thin margins, create an insidious side effect. Lower profit margins will mean fewer people internally doing important functions. Margins on event staff in Dallas Texas remain thin enough already. Further margin loss will ultimately erode some companies’ ability to recruit talented workers and retain seasoned professionals. And from skilled internal roles to event leadership, every position remains critical to an event staffing company’s effectiveness.

The way forward for hospitality and event companies

All hospitality and event companies in Texas stand at the same crossroads. All share the same issues in weaker recruitment and higher retention costs. But food and service comprise two major components of weddings and events. So, without a massive influx of applicants back into hospitality, the new paradigm will become permanent. This becomes especially true of event staff in Dallas Texas, because the economy remains incredibly stable even during global upheavals. Even the recent media suggestion that a recession may be looming will likely prove to be a mild case for Texas. Thus, the fork in the road for event companies throughout Texas in 2020 revolves around their choice between maintaining standards or bottom lines.

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Cost of bartenders, waitstaff and chefs will continue to rise

Only by repackaging bartender, waiter and chef opportunities into better paying and benefit-driven careers will workers once again return to the events industry in large numbers. As a result, pay rates for event staff in Dallas Texas will likely not stop rising in 2020. This will continue until a new cultural equilibrium establishes itself between worker sentiment and market demand. For labor-intensive services such as fast food, transport and construction, the road ahead remains treacherous. They will largely be forced into a prolonged retreat as they seek to replace labor with technology. The same will hold true for hospitality and event companies. As for employment staffing agencies, this will absolutely divide them into either luxury-level services or stripped-down commodities.

The rise of luxury event staffing in Dallas Texas

Luckily, hospitality and events have long been rooted in the consumption of their services by the socioeconomic elite. This financial ‘upper crust’ has always managed to maintain fine dining service standards by paying more. So while everyone will eventually be forced to pay some amount more, the luxury-level service model represents an important piece to the future. It will help to protect the highest standards of service from being lost during this period of change. Given time, luxury-priced event staff in Dallas Texas will begin to represent a larger percentage of the whole. Therefore, the boldest event companies must be prepared to go where others dare not go.

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Low-cost event staff in Dallas Texas will evaporate

Ultimately, commodity-priced event staff in Dallas Texas will start to evaporate from the bottom up. Event staffing companies that choose to tread water with lower profit margins face risky consequences. Many will begin sinking beneath the waves of debt and insolvency. And pleading for survival will not alone be enough of a reason to raise costs on clients if the quality does not follow. Especially when the best event staffing agencies are managing to do so. Only those looking ahead and partnering well will have a chance of surviving intact. The resulting ‘die off’ of poorly-managed staffing companies will in turn diminish total available service volume in Texas.

The future of events in Dallas Texas

This culling of the weakest event companies will redefine the boundaries of how many can exist in North Texas. This will undoubtedly change the face of the Dallas weddings and events industry for the next decade. This hard reset will entail large increases in worker pay. Prestige will then naturally follow that higher pay to form a new socioeconomic equilibrium within the industry. Because the price for a person’s time remains as interwoven into a culture as the price for food. But with countless tech-driven and gig economy opportunities, workers will dictate the price more often than consumers. That in turn will drive the pay and cost of event staff in Dallas Texas to alarming levels.

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Cost of event staff will be passed on to consumers

The awakening of new social and ideological beliefs in the US bars a return to yesteryear. But reactionaries have never weathered a revolution intact because they lack vision. And with the grassroots revolution of worker ideals becoming a groundswell, labor will largely mold the future. Employers have held down wages for a decade. But from here onward, employees have more leverage to dictate terms. Baby boomer retirement, millennial ideology and rudderless immigration policy will only accelerate pay hikes in 2020. Even a recession cannot turn back the clock on the cost of event staff in Texas. Event companies must be prepared to pass on higher labor costs to consumers. Consumers in turn must prepare to pay even more for weddings and events. Ultimately, these disruptions and innovations will affect the entire North Texas events industry for several years to come.

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What impacts affect staffing of an event? ›

External factors affecting business include competition, customer demand, local unemployment rates, governmental regulations and environmental conditions. These factors affect staffing and strategic planning negatively, directly impacting the profitability of your business.

What are the responsibilities of event staff? ›

Event staff assists in the logistical management of corporate and public events. Their primary responsibilities include preparing venues and setting up chairs and stages for events, working as ushers, and operating cash registers.

What do you call an event staff who works for no pay? ›

Event staff who work for no pay are called: Casual staff.

How do you handle event staff? ›

5 ways to manage your event staff for a successful event
  1. Meet them, brief them and designate tasks. Get to know your extended event team. ...
  2. Offer and accept feedback. Have an open policy for feedback, for you and them. ...
  3. Form processes. Create processes for tasks. ...
  4. Encourage them to have fun. ...
  5. Enjoy yourself!
26 Jul 2017

How do you manage event staff? ›

Here are five tips for effective staff management:
  1. Take a strategic recruitment approach.
  2. Screen applicants before making your final decisions.
  3. Use effective event management tools.
  4. Maintain communication before and on the event day.
  5. Follow up after the event concludes.
29 Dec 2021

How do you manage technical staff in event management? ›

Managing event staff
  1. identify all tasks that must be completed.
  2. allocate tasks to individual staff.
  3. enable staff to self-check the completion of tasks.
  4. provide feedback to the event director when tasks are completed.
  5. provide feedback if there is any problem that prevents a task from being completed.

Why staffing is important in an event? ›

An event staffing agency enhances the staff's performance if performance is weak. Recruiting your own event staff means that you may wind up with inexperienced talent, and you may not have the resources to help train and assist them or correct behavioral issues on the spot.

What factors affect staffing? ›

External factors affecting staffing are labour laws, competition for human resources, pressure from socio-political groups, economic factors and social factors.

Why is leadership important in event management? ›

An event leader can communicate that common goal as an inspiring vision, an overarching mission the event is aiming to accomplish. And, an event leader can inspire a strong belief and passion for that mission among all team members, conveying to each and everyone their unique role to play.

What are the types of staff in the event? ›

15 types of event staff jobs
  • Event crew member.
  • Event assistant.
  • Chef.
  • Event planner.
  • Server.
  • Caterer.
  • Bartender.
  • Catering manager.
29 Mar 2022

How do you structure an event team? ›

How to organize an event team step by step
  1. Determine the goals. See what you should focus on in every specific event and adjust the team structure accordingly.
  2. Analyze the tasks. ...
  3. Hire the right people. ...
  4. Create a common vision. ...
  5. Evaluate.
27 Oct 2017

What does event Staffing mean? ›

Event staffing agencies make expert and reliable event partners. They'll hire the best possible staff who possess the unique talents and training needed to pull off your event without a hitch. They'll also make sure that each person hired has a great personality and work ethic needed to be successful at the job.

What an Event Coordinator should know? ›

An event coordinator must have excellent communication, time-management, organizational, and critical-thinking skills to address any concerns and possible inconsistencies that might affect the event's performance. Take a few minutes to create or upgrade your resume.

Who are the key players in the events management? ›

An event management company can have following event professionals:
  • 1) Event Manager/Event Planner. They have the following responsibilities: ...
  • 2) Event Coordinator. ...
  • 3) Information Manager. ...
  • 4) Logistic Manager. ...
  • 5) Security Manager. ...
  • 6) Infrastructure Manager.

Which two roles are defined in event management process? ›

Event Filtering and Correlation Rules

Rules and criteria used to determine if an Event is significant and to decide upon an appropriate response. Event Filtering and Correlation Rules are typically used by Event Monitoring systems.

What are the key steps to a successful event? ›

In this blog post, we'll guide you 13 key steps needed for planning your event:
  • Develop Your Event Goal and Objectives.
  • Organize Your Team.
  • Recruit & Train Volunteers.
  • Establish Your Budget.
  • Set the Date.
  • Create an Event Master Plan.
  • Choose Your Event Software.
  • Book Your Venue.
16 Dec 2021

How do you structure and lead a team event? ›

How to Lead an Event
  1. Set clear expectations for your team. Before you even get to the venue outline everything for your team. ...
  2. Communicate your team vision and purpose. ...
  3. Empower your team members. ...
  4. Build personal relationships with your team. ...
  5. Be flexible – adapt as team dynamics change.

How will you engage with the event staff in the events? ›

6 Ways to Engage Employees at Your Next Event
  • Invite participation in the overall conversation. ...
  • Be inspiring; stay relevant. ...
  • Give greater context. ...
  • Keep the experience fresh and unexpected. ...
  • Share new or different perspectives. ...
  • Follow up, or they won't follow through.

What is the first C of the event management? ›

To help you do this, in this article we're going to cover the 5 C's of event management, which are a great starting point for putting your plan together. These are: Concept, Coordination, Control, Culmination, and Closeout.

How do you lead a technical team? ›

Characteristics of a Technical Lead
  1. Openness to grow. ...
  2. Willingness to learn. ...
  3. Responsibility and self-reliance. ...
  4. Encourage learning. ...
  5. Embrace challenges and discomfort. ...
  6. Cultivate effective listening. ...
  7. Lead by example.
20 Jan 2022

How would you manage your event team's leadership style? ›

How to Efficiently Manage Your Event Team
  1. Tip 1. Know your team members well. There are people who are naturally better at some tasks than others. ...
  2. Tip 2. Develop a positive team culture. ...
  3. Tip 3. Delegate responsibility in a healthy way. ...
  4. Tip 4. Choose the soft power leadership model. ...
  5. Tip 5. Always be available for your team.
28 Jul 2017

How would you manage your event team of 15 people? ›

A great event team equals a splendid event and impeccable execution of the event plan.
So, here are 8 handy tips to help you manage your event team:
  1. Bring together the perfect Event Team: ...
  2. Set goals and objectives: ...
  3. Task Delegation: ...
  4. Supervision and follow-ups: ...
  5. Turn to tech : ...
  6. Communicate clearly: ...
  7. Provide Incentive: ...
  8. Guide :
7 Oct 2017

What are their roles in the event industry? ›

There are so many jobs in event management. Some examples include: event planner, wedding planner, venue manager, sponsorship coordinator, catering manager, social media manager, staff coordinator, marketing manager, and more!

What is an event team? ›

Events Team means the internal stakeholders that are or could potentially be affected by the occurrence of an event. The Events Team provides insight and expertise in event planning, ensuring that every aspect of an event is considered.

What are the challenges of staffing? ›

The Top 10 Challenges Staffing Agencies are Facing
  • Skill Shortages. ...
  • High Competition. ...
  • Lack of Speed. ...
  • Increased Transparency. ...
  • Outdated Strategies. ...
  • Poor Workplace Engagement. ...
  • The Cost of Keeping Up. ...
  • The Continued Growth of the Freelance Economy and Remote Recruiting.
7 Apr 2022

What is the primary factor in determining staffing needs? ›

Budget and Projected Growth

Before you begin looking for new employees, you first need to decide if you need additional staff rather than staff who will replace your current workers. Consider your budget for the coming year, and examine past trends to determine if it's likely your business will grow.

What are the factors to be considered in staffing? ›

5 Key Factors to Consider When Staffing Your Company
  • 1) Create a Staffing Plan. If you are staffing a new business, you need to create a staffing plan. ...
  • 2) Hiring Technique. ...
  • 3) Projected Growth. ...
  • 4) Carry out a Human Resource Inventory Check. ...
  • 5) Review Your Workplace Culture.
15 Nov 2019

What is event checklist? ›

Here is where an event checklist comes in. It is your guide to staying organized and on -- or ahead -- of schedule when juggling the myriad of responsibilities and assorted details in planning a successful event. And it is particularly useful when managing multiple events.

What type of staff do you need for an event? ›

7 Common Roles of an Event Team
  • Director, VP, or Head of Events. The big picture. ...
  • Event / Marketing Coordinator. ...
  • Marketing Lead. ...
  • Sales / Customer Lead. ...
  • Designer / Experiential Designer. ...
  • On-Site Lead. ...
  • Marketing / Event Operations or Technologist.

What do you mean by staffing in events? ›

Staffing is the process of hiring eligible candidates in the organization or company for specific positions. In management, the meaning of staffing is an operation of recruiting the employees by evaluating their skills, knowledge and then offering them specific job roles accordingly.

How do you handle event staff? ›

5 ways to manage your event staff for a successful event
  1. Meet them, brief them and designate tasks. Get to know your extended event team. ...
  2. Offer and accept feedback. Have an open policy for feedback, for you and them. ...
  3. Form processes. Create processes for tasks. ...
  4. Encourage them to have fun. ...
  5. Enjoy yourself!
26 Jul 2017

How do event planner do their job? ›

Charged with creating experiences and bringing visions to life, an event planner is adept at juggling many tasks. Scouting locations, soliciting bids, managing vendor relationships and client communications, creating and negotiating contracts, and managing budgets are all typical functions in the event planner role.

How many waiting staff do I need? ›

As a general rule, for a sit down 3 course meal we'd recommend 1 waiter per 10 guests to give as much synergy to the service as possible. The waiters would be responsible for the service and clearance of the food and plates, the pouring of the wine / water, assisting the kitchen with preparing to serve each course etc.

How many servers are needed for 250 guests? ›

How many servers do I need? For a buffet, we recommend one server for every 25 to 35 guests. For a seated, plated event, we suggest one server for every 10 to 15 guests. For passed hors d'oeuvres, we recommend one server per 25 guests.

How many servers are needed for 100 guests? ›

A very general rule of thumb is 1 server for every 25 guests, but here are some more specific guidelines to help you determine how many servers you will need: 1 Bartender for every 50 guests. For seated dinners, 1 server for every 2 tables. For a buffet, 1 server for every 40 guests.

What are the 5 functions of staffing? ›

The staffing function includes recruitment, selection, training, development, transfer, promotion and compensation of personnel.

Who is responsible for staffing? ›

Staffing is a function which all mangers need to perform. It is the job of managers to fill positions in their organisation and to make sure that they remain occupied with qualified people.

What is the 5th step in a staffing procedure? ›

What are the Important Steps Involved in Staffing Process? (5...
  1. Estimating manpower requirement: ...
  2. Recruitment: ...
  3. Selection: ...
  4. Placement and Orientation: ...
  5. Training and Development:

How do you structure an event team? ›

How to organize an event team step by step
  1. Determine the goals. See what you should focus on in every specific event and adjust the team structure accordingly.
  2. Analyze the tasks. ...
  3. Hire the right people. ...
  4. Create a common vision. ...
  5. Evaluate.
27 Oct 2017

What are the key steps to a successful event? ›

In this blog post, we'll guide you 13 key steps needed for planning your event:
  • Develop Your Event Goal and Objectives.
  • Organize Your Team.
  • Recruit & Train Volunteers.
  • Establish Your Budget.
  • Set the Date.
  • Create an Event Master Plan.
  • Choose Your Event Software.
  • Book Your Venue.
16 Dec 2021

How do you manage more than one event at a time? ›

10 Tips to Successfully Manage Multiple Events
  1. Create Your Own Checklists. ...
  2. Keep Your Files Separate. ...
  3. Use an Event Calendar. ...
  4. Separate Your Budgets and Finances. ...
  5. Outsource as Much as Possible. ...
  6. Work with the Same Vendors. ...
  7. Delegate as Much as Possible. ...
  8. Be Generous with Your Deadlines.

What is the difference between an event coordinator and an event planner? ›

An event planner makes critical decisions in preparation for the event, whereas the event coordinator makes sure all details are executed seamlessly, and the plan is brought to action.

What are the three roles and responsibilities of an event planner? ›

Event Planner Responsibilities:

Identifying clients' requirements and expectations for each event. Brainstorming and implementing event concepts and themes. Preparing event budgets and processing invoices.

What does an event planner do on a daily basis? ›

The typical event planner spends most of his day in the office, speaking with clients and vendors on the phone, by e-mail or in-person. He negotiates contracts with suppliers and facilities, coordinates catering services and creates budgets to project each event's unique expenses.


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