Faculty & Employee Discounts (2023)

NYU Health-Related Services

New York University College of Dentistry
345 East 24th Street at First Avenue

As a courtesy to NYU employees and their immediate family members who are covered under any of the NYU Dental Plans or have chosen not to elect coverage, the College of Dentistry offers a generous 25% discount off their already reduced fee schedule for all general dentistry and specialty care procedures(pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, prosthodontics [crowns and bridges], implants, endodontics, periodontics, and oral and maxillofacial surgery) performed at the college. The College of Dentistry will assist employees in billing procedures to any of our NYU Dental Plans and in helping them to receive appropriate reimbursement for all procedures performed. This courtesy is also available to employees treated by predoctoral students for general dentistry needs at the NYU Dental Faculty Practice at 726 Broadway, Suite 350. Employees with any of the NYU Dental Plans are responsible for factoring in their annual deductible and for monitoring their yearly maximum benefit limits.

NYU Dental Faculty Practice
The faculty of NYU's College of Dentistry offers a variety of services and the latest technologies, including general and preventive dentistry and specialized dental care including endodontics, dental implants and orthodontics, all in a private practice environment with fees that are competitive within the area. The practice also provides treatment for complex problems affecting the mouth and face, such as oral cancer, corrective jaw surgery, dry mouth and chronic facial pain. In addition, NYU employees receive a 10% discount on basic services provided at the NYU Dental Faculty Practice.

Call one of these two convenient locations for an appointment:

  • In Greenwich Village at 726 Broadway (at Waverly Place), Suite 350 - 212-443-1300
  • At the NYU Langone Medical Center, 530 First Avenue, Suite 9QQ - 212-263-7552

Postdoctoral Psychology Clinic
1 Washington Place, 1st Floor
212-998-7890 (Call Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Long-term individual psychoanalysis for adults provided by therapists in psychoanalytic training. Those seeking treatment must commit to three to four sessions per week. Call the clinic for an application and for fee information.

Institute for Psychoanalytic Education (IPE)
Affiliated with NYU School of Medicine

One Park Avenue, #8-241
New York, NY 10016

Long-term intensive psychoanalysis for adults and children provided by qualified professionals. For further information and application, please call the Institute.

LiveSmart Discounts is a partnership with local and national vendors that provides discounted products and services in support of a healthy lifestyle. Faculty and employees are invited to explore opportunities that help you gear up, exercise, and purchase nutritious food – for less. To view LiveSmart Discounts, you must be logged in to NYU Home.

NYU Facilities

Elmer Holmes Bobst Library
70 Washington Square South

The Elmer Holmes Bobst Library, designed by Philip Johnson and Richard Foster, is the flagship of a 10-library system that provides the NYU community with access to the world’s scholarship. Located on Washington Square South, Bobst Library is at the center of the University community’s intellectual life. Anyone with a valid NYU ID Card has access to the wealth of resources and services available. A complete list of all NYU libraries and services can be found on the library's website.

Grey Art Gallery and Study Center
Main Building
100 Washington Square East, 1st Floor

80 Washington Square East Galleries
80 Washington Square East

Broadway Windows
Northwest Corner of Broadway and 10th Street

Washington Square Windows
80 Washington Square East

Visit the NYU Gallery Network

The NYU Bookstore is conveniently located at 726 Broadway to serve the entire NYU Community. Store revenue is returned to the University to help support school programs and initiatives.

Employee Discount: Show your NYU identification card at the cash register before making your purchase to receive a 15% discount on most items. The discount does not apply to sale items, some special purchases or to computer hardware and software at the NYU Computer Store. Most software and hardware packages are educationally priced.

The NYU Bookstore provides textbooks for all the NYU schools and colleges. The Bookstore carries a large selection of academic and university press titles, hardcover and paperback books, and can special order any book in print at no additional cost. There is also a large selection of NYU sportswear, office stationery, school supplies, gifts, games, and electronics.

NYU Bookstores
726 Broadway
New York, NY 10003

NYU Computer Store (located inside NYU Bookstores)
726 Broadway

For dining locations and hours of operation, visit the NYU Dining on Campus website at nyu.edu/dining.

NYU Dining's Employee Meal Plans
NYU Dining offers two meal plan memberships for employees. The membership is available to all full- and part-time faculty, administrators, and staff with a valid NYU ID. Employees can sign up here for the plan every January, May, and August or contact NYU Campus Services at askcampusservices@nyu.edu for more information. (Does not include The Torch Club.)

NYU Entertainment & Recreation

Attend film screenings, dramatic and musical performances, and other special events throughout the year on campus.

NYU Box Office is the University's resource for discount tickets and ticketing services. Through NYU ScholasTix, students, faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni with a valid ID are eligible to take advantage of reduced prices for a wide range of events and entertainment on-campus and throughout the city. In addition, ticketing services needed for on- or off-campus events can be provided by the NYU Box Office.

NYU ScholasTix and Box Office
566 LaGuardia Place (at Washington Square South)
More information and hours

NYU's Skirball Center for the Performing Arts is the premier venue for the presentation of cultural and performing arts events for NYU and lower Manhattan. Since opening in 2003, the 860-seat Skirball Center has been an educational and community-building resource, providing NYU's first large-scale, professional multi-arts performance space on campus. NYU-priced tickets can be purchased online through the NYU Life tab in NYU Home or in person with a valid NYU ID at the NYU Ticket Central Box Office (open 12:00 noon to 6:00 pm Tuesday through Saturday).

Skirball Center for the Performing Arts
566 LaGuardia Place (at Washington Square South)

Admission to most home athletic events is free to all employees and their families. Information on intercollegiate athletic events can be found on posters throughout the University, through Ticket Central, or in advertisements in campus papers. For more detailed information on events and tickets, call 212-998-2020. For information about fitness centers and features in Manhattan and Brooklyn, explore the below:

404 Fitness
404 Lafayette Street, Manhattan
Membership Information

Palladium Athletic Facility
140 East 14th Street, Manhattan

Brooklyn Athletic Facility
6 MetroTech Center, Brooklyn

Saving Money & Discount Programs

Mortgage Origination Fee Reimbursement Program—NYU extends to eligible full-time employees (Administrators and Professionals and Faculty) the opportunity to receive reimbursement for first mortgage origination fees associated within the purchase of a principal residence. The University takes this step to assist dedicated administrators and professional staff with the critical challenge of obtaining permanent housing in the metropolitan region. Read more about the program for Administrators and Professionals or Faculty.

NYU Deferred Payment Plan Computer Purchase Program—The NYU Computer Store offers full-time employees the opportunity to purchase computers, software and peripherals on a deferred-payment basis. The deferment will be interest-free and repaid through payroll deductions over a maximum two year period. Learn more about the Deferred Payment Plan.

The NYU Credit Union
14 Washington Place
The Credit Union is a federally-insured nonprofit cooperative that serves members by providing low-cost services and higher interest rates on savings. You may contribute to your credit union accounts through payroll deductions. Services provided include share draft (checking) accounts, money market accounts, IRAs, vacation and Christmas clubs, loans (including home equity and debt consolidation), a VISA credit card, and a discounted CitiBike membership.

Discount programs may be modified or discontinued at any time. NYU does not endorse any products or services. Discounted health club memberships have moved to LiveSmart Discounts.

Neighborhood Businesses — Many of the stores, theaters, and restaurants near NYU offer discounts to employees who present NYU identification cards. When frequenting neighborhood merchants, ask if they offer an NYU discount.

Personal Museum Visits — Through NYU's special extended partnerships with certain Museum Gateway institutions, NYU faculty, administrators, and staff may enjoy free admission at these museums when they present their NYUCard.

NYU Buying Club — You may obtain free membership in Buyer's Edge, Inc. through the University. Through this program, you can purchase major items, such as appliances, automobiles, and furniture, at the lowest advertised price. For more information, login at www.buyersedgeinc.com (user ID: 504, password: member1).

NYU Travel Discounts — Some lodging and other travel providers may extend discounts to the NYU community. Visit http://www.nyu.edu/life/travel-and-transportation/nyu-traveler.html.

The New York Times Special Education Discount for NYU — The New York Times offers 50% or more off regular rates for home delivery or digital subscriptions. To see your options or to order, visit NYTimes.com/CollegeRate.

* Offer available to current college faculty, staff, administrators, and students. To qualify for a digital subscription at the college rate, you must also have a valid college or university email address, which usually ends in .edu. Print rates and product availability vary by location. Smartphone and tablet apps are not supported on all devices. NYTimes.com + Smartphone Apps, NYTimes.com + Tablet Apps and All Digital Access subscriptions do not include e-reader editions, Times Premier content, Premium Crosswords or The New York Times Crosswords apps. Prices shown are in U.S. dollars. Other restrictions apply.

Wireless Products & Services Discounts

Verizon FiOS Discount for NYU Employees — Get the best price on a Verizon bundle only through Verizon Connections, an exclusive online program offering discounts on residential FiOS to NYU employees, resulting in the best price available on Verizon TV, home phone, and Internet service bundles.

Discount programs may be modified or discontinued at any time. NYU does not endorse any products or services.

Additional off-campus discount programs may be considered for inclusion. To submit a discount offer for consideration, please use the Discount Offer Form.

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