Kingdom Come Deliverance: Update Version 1.9 Patch Notes (2022)

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Warhorse Studios has released a new update to Kingdom Come Deliverance. The DLC A Woman’s Lot also provided KCD Patch 1.9, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance has received a number of updates today. First, the last “A Woman’s Lot” DLC is now available alongside the Royal Edition, which includes the base game and all previously released $ 40 DLCs. In A Woman’s Lot, players will experience two quests, the first with Theresa as the lead character in the company of her dog Tinker, and the second with Henry trying to help Johanka from the Sasau Monastery.

Below you can find the complete patch notes for this update.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Patch Notes 1.9

Better introduction and tutorials

  • All tutorials now have improved formatting.
  • All tutorials rewritten with emphasis on clarity.
  • Added some new tutorials.
  • First combat tutorial with Bernard improved.
  • Bernard now has his own map icon when ready to train Henry outside quests.
  • Many confusing situations during the first hours of gameplay improved.

Events improved

  • We improved the environment and NPC positions for most of the events.
  • Added better fast travel description to every event type.
  • Player’s position now makes much more sense when pulled out of fast travel by an event.
  • No event should catch the player again immediately after a successful evasion.
  • Events were re-labeled. Traps and ambushes are no longer revealed to the player by the label. We apologize to all honest bandits in Rattay.

Proper dating with Theresa

  • You can now continue to date Theresa after “the act” (ahem).
  • Be careful though, Theresa has mind of her own and can even dump you…
  • But if she likes you, she can help you in your endeavors.

Better handling of mods

  • After download of any new patch, all installed mods will be disabled and moved to a specific folder; player will be notified by overlay in main menu. We highly recommend only installing mods that have been updated to match the current game version.
  • The game now handles installing and uninstalling mods containing new NPCs, items, perks and buffs much better. This should solve many corrupted saves.
  • The game now visually marks any save that is modded or was created from a playthrough using mods. We can’t guarantee stability on these saves.

Other New features

  • We didn’t want to leave bandits and Cumans without pets, so we gave them dogs as well. Unfortunately, the dogs adopted their masters’ aggression and will attack Henry on sight…
  • Players can now switch to simplified lockpicking for gamepad in game settings.
  • Changes made to enemies’ perception to improve stealth experience.
  • Many NPCs will now take cover from rain under roofs or trees.
  • Item categories added to horse inventory.
  • Guards now confiscate stolen items dropped near Henry when frisking him.
  • Dogs will now fall asleep after eating food with sleeping potion.
  • New first-person dialog camera added.
  • The first quest for every DLC now has custom map icon.
  • Shooting on the move should be more precise now. The arrow was previously shot before the animation completely ended.
  • Merchants now have correct purchase prices corresponding to their trade.
  • The amount of Groschen on NPCs is now more accurately adjusted to their profession.

Optimizations and bug fixes


  • Changing graphics settings is much faster now.
  • We solved many performance peaks to optimize the game. Framerate should be more consistent now.
  • Framerate in battles slightly improved by adjusting visual settings.
  • We slightly improved framerate in the most demanding locations by removing some light sources.
  • Graphical settings adjusted. Lower settings should look the same and run slightly faster. Higher settings should run the same and look slightly better.

Quest bugs fixed

  • Player is no longer stuck with the bowl quest item from the Saintly Remains quest.
  • Guards will no longer confiscate robe from player in Miracles While You Wait quest.
  • Captain Bernard now teaches Master Strike perk for all weapons in one lesson.
  • Fixed issue of using long ladder leading to failing The House of God quest.
  • If player rescues Esther in Damsel in Distress quest and she is on her way back to Sasau, Florian will know about it.
  • Fixed rare issue of Sir Hans Capon not going to the camp in Epilogue quest, again.
  • Fixed rare issue leading to unending dialog with Hanush in Robber Baron quest.
  • If player doesn’t pay back debt to Peshek, he will take Henry’s bed back and throw him out of mill.
  • Player can’t shoot down topping out before starting Miracles While You Wait quest.
  • Fixed weather during cutscene in which player fights Runt first, so it now rains again.
  • Pestilence quest is no longer updated in its failed state.
  • Fixed cameras in dialog with Hans Capon in bath during Next to Godliness quest.
  • Fixed dialog with bathhouse madam about Florian after finding Rapota in quest All That Glisters.
  • Fixed issue of Khuta getting stuck in woods barrier on her way to the ritual in Playing with the Devil quest.
  • Fixed issue of poisoned Runt being too weak to fight back.
  • Fixed NPC animation during lifting bags of flour.
  • Fixed issue of Ulrich not using his weapon in fight with player.
  • Removed redundant log after killing Ulrich in workshop in All That Glisters quest.
  • Fixed some infinite faders after specific dialogs.
  • Fixed master strike for one weapon asset.
  • Fixed rare issue of inability to complete Nasty Habits quest due to wine cask being stuck in Henry’s hand.
  • If killed by player, Cuman in Lost in Translation quest will stay dead.
  • Fixed infinite fader in Thirty Pieces quest.
  • Fixed infinite fader in The Die is Cast quest.
  • Fixed infinite fader in The Good Thief quest.
  • Dropped items will disappear correctly after a few days.
  • Painter in Sasau and Insomniac in monastery have new barks in All that Glisters & Wounded Soul quests.
  • Prior in monastery stays longer after church service to talk to player.
  • Swordsmith rewards player for bringing all pieces of the sword in The Queen of Sheba’s Sword quest.
  • Father Godwin can fight with player in Mysterious Ways quest.
  • Dialogue camera in Lost in Translation quest fixed.
  • Fixed crash during training with Bernard in Train Hard, Fight Easy quest.
  • Fixed rare bug of save & load during Nest of Vipers failing the quest.
  • Fixed rare bug preventing completion of Ginger in a Pickle quest.
  • Fixed issue of Questions and Answers quest being failed after upgrading to new game version.
  • Fixed issue of All that Glisters quest not starting after loading an old save.
  • Fixed issue of Ulrich never returning to Sasau in All that Glisters quest.
  • Stealing Karel’s commission before talking to Konrad Kyeser won’t fail Rocketeer quest anymore.
  • Stealing Karel’s groschen before talking to Konrad Kyeser won’t fail Rocketeer quest anymore.
  • Fixed NPC & ladder behavior causing issues in Night Raid and Siege quests.
  • Fixed issue of Keeping the Peace quest getting stuck after dealing with beggar Jane.
  • Going to jail when Keeping the Peace quest is active won’t result in Game Over.
  • Attacking Rapota before ever speaking to him won’t cause All that Glisters quest to stick anymore.
  • Fixed issue of Ulrich not helping player with counterfeiters in All that Glisters quest.
  • Fixed rare issue of Robard getting stuck under texture in Siege quest.
  • You can now refuse A Friend In Need quest and accept it later.
  • Fight club objective won’t self-complete anymore in If You Can’t Beat ‘Em quest.
  • Main objective will no longer disappear after missing deadline for ambush in A Rock and a Hard Place quest.
  • It is now possible to help Antonia’s husband in Aquarius quest.
  • Fixed objective logic after death of crucial NPCs in A Rock and a Hard Place quest.
  • Fixed rare issue of not being able to complete Restless Spirit quest.
  • Fixed rare issue of not being able to continue Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing quest after delivering the confession.
  • Completing Questions and Answers quest without talking to Melichar will no longer cause Pestilence quest to stick.
  • Fixed rare issue of Cuman not taking player to his stash in Lost in Translation quest.
  • Fixed reputation with Andrew after completing Masquerade quest.
  • Improved conditions under which Robber Baron quest can be started.
  • Talking with Capon about Lost in Translation quest will no longer cause stuck dialog in Next to Godliness quest.
  • Fixed issue in which Masquerade quest couldn’t be refused and accepted later.
  • Fixed issue of impossibility of completing Besmirched quest after delivering the purse.
  • Fixed infinite fader in Questions and Answers quest.
  • Fixed infinite fader in Epilogue quest.
  • Player now gets dice from Antonius after letting him go in A Needle in a Haystack quest.
  • Keyser’s commission can now be fabricated when player has two of them in the inventory in A Needle in a Haystack.
  • Fixed very rare issue of following Ulrich and not catching him resulting in empty quest log in All that Glisters Quest.
  • Capon won’t spar with you in underpants anymore in Train Hard, Fight Easy quest.
  • Objective “Look around the church for the housekeeper Agnes” is now correctly displayed as mandatory in Aquarius quest.
  • Reward is now received for delivering all pieces of sword in The Queen of Sheba’s Sword quest
  • Fixed camera and player positioning after lockpicking special small chest.
  • Fixed bug causing Train Hard, Fight Easy quest to stick after being arrested for crime.
  • Fixed incomplete dialogue option in “Lost in Translation” quest.
  • Added new optional objective to Siege quest mission (destroying enemy camps).
  • Fixed Feyfar’s behaviour in All that Glisters quest causing Feyfar to look at player while reading Ulrich’s document.
  • Fixed bug of Zach and Vitus not having the key from the shed in All that Glisters quest.
  • Added stealth exp. points as reward for reading the list in The Abbot’s List quest.
  • Fixed rare bug of Ulrich coming to the pond without sword and shield in All that Glisters quest, also Ulrich has spare weapons if player has robbed him.
  • Vitek no longer flees from combat in All that Glisters quest.
  • Repaired occasional bug of incorrect objective regarding Jezhek in All that Glisters quest.
  • Fixed bug of having option to ask about blacksmiths even when player knows about Zach’s copper-smithing in All that Glisters quest.
  • Fixed wine poisoning in Ruin quest.
  • When Andrew is killed in Gallows Brothers quest, player won’t get objective to get beer for soldiers in Siege quest.
  • Nest of Vipers quest won’t fail after dialogue with Divish.
  • Meat can be delivered only once in Siege quest.
  • Playing with the Devil quest correctly fails properly after Henry watches women from a distance.
  • Pestilence quest fail time corrected (to 6 in-game days).
  • Fritz and Matthew won’t flee from combat in A Rock and a Hard Place quest.
  • Polished dialog with Reeky in On the Scent quest.
  • No markers shown if Adela and Tanner are dead in On the Scent quest.
  • Fixed bug of All that Glisters quest sticking when player flees from combat with Ulrich.
  • Women won’t put out torches while chatting in Playing with the Devil quest.
  • Women will flee after attack in Playing with the Devil quest.
  • Player with no lockpick receives one in Playing with the Devil quest.
  • Added marker on place for grave in Pestilence quest.
  • Bandits in On the Scent quest won’t pursue animals instead of player.
  • Fixed occasional bug of Pious sleeping 24/7 in A Needle in a Haystack quest.
  • House of God quest will correctly fail after killing crucial NPCs.
  • Objective “Try and get your equipment back” in The Die is Cast quest can be properly completed.
  • Robard can’t be informed about quarry ambush in Gallows Brothers quest without activated quest.
  • Enemies will attack if player failed parley by not following the bandit.
  • Reduced quantity of meat required in Huntsman 2 – Butcher activity.
  • Fixed bug of Fritz getting stuck at the quarry in Gallows Brothers quest.
  • Fixed bug of infinite fader when talking repeatedly to Zbysek in The Die is Cast quest.
  • NPC who player can talk to about will in The Prodigal Son quest is named correctly.
  • Broken camera fixed in Restless Spirit quest.
  • Added autosave in Rocketeer quest after player is told to wait for two days.
  • Added autosave after talking to stablemaster in The Sport of Kings quest.
  • Wolflin no longer continues attacking Capon after Capon surrenders in Robber Baron quest.
  • Irate villagers won’t talk to Henry through the wall in Miracles While You Wait quest.
  • Duel in Rattled quest will be lost if crime was committed right before it.
  • Incorrect marker on Brother Porter in Trouble in the House of God deleted.
  • Added several area markers in All that Glisters quest.
  • Jezhek and Rapota no longer armed in jail in All that Glisters quest.
  • Rapota won’t unlock door in jail in All that Glisters quest.
  • Tablmberg gate should be now definitely open after Run! quest.
  • Fixed issue of Capon stuck in bath during player’s crime in Next to Godliness quest.
  • Fixed rare issue of Bernard not blocking player during feint training part in Train Hard, Fight Easy quest.
  • Fixed lots of translations and voice-overs across multiple languages.

Other bugs fixed

  • NPC dying during combat makes correct dying sound.
  • Fixed issue of game freezing or crashing after player kills chicken.
  • Fixed player camera during fast travel.
  • Fixed rare issue of combat sound playing on after combat.
  • Fixed magic chest creating items over and over again.
  • Is not possible to call horse to inappropriate places.
  • Polished effect of Berserker potion and rewritten description.
  • Fixed rare issue of NPC teleporting onto horse instead of mounting it normally.
  • Washed Fragrance buff is activated after using baths.
  • NPC Manfred doesn’t sleep until Judgement Day after dice game.
  • Glitches with torch while crouching fixed.
  • Rules of enhanced dice minigame that came with DLC2 are now added to Codex.
  • Alchemy fires now look better.
  • We added a few new saves to quests.
  • Clothing clipping issues fixed.
  • NPCs don’t make such a big fuss about collision with player.
  • New “commenting on game at dice table” animations.
  • Fixed stairs in Sasau Monastery.
  • Horse can’t get to an upper floor.
  • Fixed rare bug preventing playing dice in Talmberg tavern.
  • Fixed condition for Talmberger achievement.
  • Fixed issue of unsheathed weapon disabling fast travel.
  • Millers have been removed from reputation tab. Reputation change with them is calculated according to their home town.
  • “Might” speech check no longer results every time in lost reputation.
  • Fixed sticking in combat after save & load. Additionally, player’s horse can no longer be killed.
  • Fixed problem with re-loaded saves from version 1.7.
  • Fixed rare issue of part of Talmberg Castle disappearing.
  • Fixed combat issue in which enemies sometimes targeted player’s horse instead of player.
  • Dead dogs don’t bark anymore.
  • Fixed rare issue of bleeding covering whole screen.
  • Improved dice visibility while playing at night.
  • Visiting baths won’t result in trespass crime anymore.
  • Full-screen mode won’t switch back to borderless/window mode after clicking out of the active (game) window.
  • Fixed infinite fader in forced dialogs.
  • Fixed infinite fader in dice minigame.
  • Fixed crash caused by death on horseback.
  • Fixed camera movement after changing weapons and dismounting.
  • Fixed infinite fader caused by unconsciousness on horseback.
  • Fixed mysterious disappearance of some NPCs from the world.
  • Fixed mysterious disappearance of groschen after load.
  • Soldiers on ladders won’t fall through texture during siege.
  • Fixed displayed and actually healed HP amount in sleeping UI.
  • Fixed issue with dropping Halberds.
  • Fixed camera rotation after pressing jump button while climbing a ladder.
  • Fixed issue of inability to holster bow after crouch.
  • NPCs now stop running after player performs tackle.
  • Deformed horse tail issue fixed.
  • Capon clothing repaired.
  • Edited message about how to close overlays.
  • It’s no longer possible to pickpocket enemy NPCs face-to-face.
  • Edited description of controls.
  • Smoke won’t flicker while torch is used.
  • Fixed rare bug of player using bow with sword in hand.
  • Fixed graphic glitches on several clothing items.
  • Fixed body clipping through clothes in various places.
  • Fixed inappropriate greetings from several NPCs.
  • Fixed bug causing guard NPCs to spawn in one spot.
  • Added roe deer hunting spots to map with cartographer perk.
  • Dead horses won’t run.
  • Taking items placed on shelves is now the same crime as robbing stashes.
  • Fixed rare issue of wrong camera target during some dialogs.
  • Polished some battle mechanisms.
  • Fixed & polished several quest objectives.
  • Objectives won’t persist for dead NPCs.
  • Fixed shadows in Capon’s room.
  • Fixed rare bug of player getting stuck in alchemy.
  • Polished Saves and Playline section description.
  • Missing names added to saves and autosaves.
  • Fixed bug blocking start of activity with butcher.
  • Player can mount horse when overloaded up to 50% of possible payload.
  • Polished footstep sounds.
  • Polished sound of sprinting horse.
  • Polished sound of rolling dice.
  • Confusing sound effect of potions turned off.
  • Johanka doesn’t dress herself on dungheap anymore.
  • Well Worn perk influences the weight of the armour in the shops.
  • Loose Tongue polished and a better description added.
  • Samopesh Innkeeper doesn’t get stuck in his house.
  • Polished animations of NPCs carrying items.
  • Corrected NPC sitting poses.
  • Player no longer sees through wall if sprinting with a torch.
  • NPCs won’t scold when they hit standing player.
  • Description of Preserver potion extended.
  • Herbalists will have healing potion in their shops.
  • Well Worn perk description changed.

From the Ashes DLC

  • Added missing shop for Priblislavitz Archery Master.
  • Fixed sleep behaviour of guards.
  • Butcher now has pigs on his property.
  • Ladder at the top of Pribyslavitz Church is now long enough.

The Amorous Adventures DLC

  • Fixed issue in Robber Baron quest of Capon getting stuck after load (DLC2 could not be started).
  • Barking tutorial visible in hardcore mode.
  • Fixed occasional bug of Ledetchko bathhouse staying closed after haunting.
  • Fixed quest collision of Robber Baron and Honeyed Words.
  • Horse Nuckelavee from Gambler’s den is now acquirable.
  • When acquired from Sir Erhart by haggling, necklace now appears in inventory immediately.
  • Pechuna now always takes necklace from chest if he wins the dice tournament.
  • Erhart has the key to his full chest.
  • Fixed rare issue of endless dialog with Charlatan near well.

Tournament DLC

  • Added option to wait for next Tournament.
  • Player will receive reward even if he goes to Hanush late.
  • Fixed rare issue of Samopesh Blacksmith stuck on roof.
  • Herald remembers you during Tournament.
  • Fixed infinite fader in Rattay Tournament.

Band of Bastards DLC

  • Dangler will pick up his weapon after being knocked out with Headcracker perk in duel.
  • Fixed occasional bug of Kuno getting stuck between horses near burnt farmhouse.
  • Fixed bug of disabled timeskip and fast travel.
  • Game of Throws now fails correctly after killing Karolina.
  • All bandits now join in fight.
  • Added new gambler company in Kuno’s camp.
  • Added Codex entry about Hagen Zoul.
  • Added battle cheers during combat.
  • Horses have names.
  • Hagen’s soldiers don’t cheer him on when he’s unconscious.
  • Fixed rare issue of unconscious Jakey staying in forest instead of being taken to prison by fast travel.
  • After cutscene, Henry faces the right bank in A Tight Spot quest.
  • Fixed issue of Kuno sometimes unequipping his sword and shield and not using them in combat.
  • Player can start a fist fight for money with Jan Bearman during Uninvited Guests quest even if he beat him during The Ring of Bacchus quest.
  • Fixed issue of Kuno’s band getting stuck on their way to the farm in Bad Blood quest.
  • Achievement Pinky Promise is only awarded when player releases Jakey as promised.
  • Stephan no longer leaves the mill before the other members of Kuno’s band.
  • Rattay guards don’t start attacking player when he brings dead Hagen to Radzig.
  • Jan Bearman goes to Kuno’s camp directly after A Tight Spot quest.
  • After autosave at the end of Uninvited Guests quest, all members of Kuno’s band leave mill on horseback.
  • Fixed wrongly turned camera after loading in bed in Kuno’s camp.

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