Opening Hours, Price and Opinions (2023)

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Opening Hours, Price and Opinions (1)

Information about Best Fitness Fuller Road

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Fuller Rd 71
12205, Albany

+1 518-205-3548

Opening hours

  • Monday: 5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 5:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Thursday: 5:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Friday: 5:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Saturday: 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Sunday: 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM

If you're looking to take your fitness to the next level, Best Fitness Fuller Road is the perfect place for you. We're a family-friendly gym that's focused on helping you reach your health and fitness goals through training. Give us a call today to get started!


Best Fitness Fuller Road has not yet filled in its description.

Best Fitness Fuller Road: Opinions

Opening Hours, Price and Opinions (2)

bishopdcd 3 months ago

This place is brand new, clean and has a great workout atmosphere. The staff is fr iendly and helpful and the morning female receptionist are sexy as hell ☺ and the equipment is easy to use and comfortable. I highly recommend this place.

omar kent 3 months ago

I was just driving by and i saw this construction site with a stunning new sign on the front and i just had to take a look. This place looks amazing and it is not even built yet. A young man by the name of Joe gave me an interactive tour which is like something i have never experienced. He took the time to get to know me, he went over all my goals and really put things into perspective of how i really need to approach the gym. He even introduced me to their fitness specialist who was there just to make sure he got to meet all the new members and is having me come in to make sure i get started strong and promised to help me reach my goals!! After the tour of the new facilities i was completely blows away. I would have paid anything to be apart of this family and to my surprise it was only 9.99! I am so excited for my assessment with the fitness specialist and i cant wait to get started (i wish it was the end of November already). If you have yet to check out Best Fitness on Fuller Rd you must stop by and meet these guys.

Chris Amadon 4 months ago

This place is great! Very clean and a wide range of equipment/weights. I spoke with Steven while I was there, he and the rest of the staff are very friendly and welcoming.

Jordan Friello 4 months ago

Best fitness fuller road was an awesome gym! I came in and talked to Steven about the gym and got a tour and got a good workout in. Conor helped me out with my training goals and I’m excited to get back!

Hayley Macken 4 months ago

Best gym around and this location is super easy to get to. The employees are super helpful too, would recommend 10/10

Matthew Lieberman 4 months ago

I was greeted by Steven and Conor when I walked and and they were both very friendly and helpful. Steven showed me around and answered all my questions. The gym was very clean and well laid out.

katryn malen 4 months ago

This location is great because it’s so central in the capital region! I always feel safe and welcome here. Staff is ready to help with anything you need.

Luke Godin 5 months ago

Thank you so much I appreciate everything you've the best ❤️❤️❤️.

Rafael Salas 5 months ago

Really good gym with all the equipment you need. The staff is really helpful. The equipment is clean and well taken care of.

Jay Lindsay 5 months ago

Dropped in while in town… Clean gym, updated equipment & attachments with a wide variety of machines. Plenty of dumbbells, benches and cables to use even during rush hour.

Andrew Machado 6 months ago

Very friendly staff. Accommodated me to use the gym while I was here on a work trip. Great equipment and great staff! A++

Leduc Le 8 months ago

I live in nyc and was up in Albany for two days. I was feeling restless and needed to work out. Sadly the hotel I was staying in had a terrible gym. After a little web surfing and found best fitness. Steven was super accommodating me with a free day pass! Long story short, this gym is amazing. Great size, amazing equipment and I can tell there is a healthy gym culture here. If I lived here in Albany, I would definitely make this my gym!

Jon Roe 8 months ago

Currently on an 8 mos. Journey with the personal training. I feel more fit than I have in a long time and they are helping me address weaknesses in my knees and body.

jeffrey decker 11 months ago

This is a great gym. The staff are friendly and accommodating. The facility is very clean with a variety of workout equipment! I've been member for years and in the past year I started working with a personal trainer. Sure I can say I did the work, but without the guidance and knowledge I would have not made the progress I've made. I can't say enough about the support I received from the staff at Best.

Dami Segun 1 year ago

This gym is great! When I lived in NY, it was my go-to gym. There are tons of gyms around, but the quality and peace of this gym is unmatched. The staff are friendly and the equipment is well taken care of. I'm in town visiting and immediately signed up again for a few visits. I can't imagine going anywhere else. If you haven't signed up yet, you should!

max fischer 1 year ago

Went here to workout for the day, was greeted by Conor who was professional and inviting into the gym. He got me set up and took me around the gym and explained everything. Then let me loose. He regularly checked in with me as he was passing by during my workout to make sure everything was up to my standard and that I was having a good workout. The facility was super clean, plenty of equipment and space for every type of workout. I would highly recommend checking it out if I’m search for a gym

Melissa Conlon 1 year ago

Positive: Professionalism Thanks to the staff and trainers at Best fitness I am back into jeans I have not been able to wear in almost 2 years. Down 20 pounds and stronger then ever. And it is always super clean. Highly recommended! See you there!

matt smith 1 year ago

I have belonged to a lot of gyms in my life, and I have been a member of Best Fitness Fuller Road for several years. Most of the time, gyms have a shelf life. They become stale, their service slips, they become less accommodating. But Best Fitness Fuller Road is the complete antithesis. It just gets better and better. The quality of their equipment continually improves and is always maintained, the staff is friendly and professional, and the gym has been steadfast in its commitment to ensuring a safe, clean and convenient environment. Recently, I reached out to the gym to inquire about the possibility of accommodating a family member who was in town. He had been ill for a large portion of the past year and wanted to begin working out again before eventually heading back out of state to return home later in the month. Scott, the representative I worked with, was fantastic. He was flexible, understanding, professional and went above and beyond to ensure my needs were addressed. His willingness to work with me was not only gratifying as a customer, but was an important first step in helping my family member get their health back on track. I could not be more appreciative. While I'm praising staff, I should point out that Connor is another bright spot at Best Fitness Fuller Road. His professionalism is always on display, he is exceptionally personable, which always makes you feel welcome, and his knowledge and passion is a tremendous asset. It is worth noting too, the staff at Best Fitness Fuller Road has done a fantastic job during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure members' safety. There is a reason why I have kept my membership for so many years at Best Fitness Fuller Road. It's a great gym with great staff that continually gets better.

Sophonie Pierre-Michel 1 year ago

Such a great experience during my fitness consultation with Connor. He's a great trainer and super knowledgeable about what's best for you. The gym is very clean, spacious, and has everything you need. It definitely has a family feel going on, can't wait to start my fitness journey!

Matt Dickson 1 year ago

Conor and the staff at Best Fitness Fuller Road are great. They're friendly, knowledgeable, and work hard to make members feel welcome and safe. The equipment and locker rooms are very clean and the staff can be seen sanitizing frequently touched surfaces often. I've been working with Conor as my trainer for several weeks. He began by listening to understand how he could best develop a program to help me meet my goals and has been incredibly accommodating and supportive.

Robert Warner 1 year ago

This gym is the best in the capital region. I’ve been working out here for the past 6 years and it has been a clean, professional and welcoming environment since I’ve started. The staff is friendly and the trainers are all informative.

pmurph 1 year ago

As I navigate through my journey of better health I wanted to send a thank you and my heartfelt appreciation to Conor Lukacs and his team at Best Fitness Fuller Road (and to Tom, my personal trainer). They and their team are always at the ready to welcome you in, answer questions, offer guidance, support and motivation to ensure you have every tool available to reach your personal goal. The gym, equipment, classrooms and locker rooms are always clean and in good repair - they take your well-being and safety very seriously. Not only is my body becoming more defined, my heart is healthier and happier and this journey has been so good for my soul. Thanks again for taking extra measures to ensure a successful outcome.

Samuel Smith 1 year ago

This gym is awesome. It has everything you need for a great workout. The equipment here is all properly spaced out for COVID precautions, and is in really good condition. Masks are worn, and there's lots of hand sanitizer dispensers displayed throughout, to ensure a safe workout. The trainers are all extremely friendly, and the location was very easy to get to, whether off central or the back roundabout on fuller. I was pleased to see they also offered Row Machines in the Cardio section which not many commercial gyms have still. Overall a great experience! Would Recommend.

Rob Bowen 1 year ago

A great, clean gym! Definitely recommend. Lots of great equipment and great staff, especially at the desk up front.

lindsay rudnick 1 year ago

Best fitness Fuller Road is the best gym out there! Everyone who works there is extremely friendly and always ready to help you with whatever you need! You can tell right away that they take great pride in making sure that their gym stays very clean and members are always making sure that the equipment is sprayed down right after each use. A huge shout out to their Fitness Director and trainers! Conor Lukacs is top notch! He was so personable and easy to talk to! He listened to my goals and developed a fitness plan for me right away to help me reach my personal goals! It’s only been a month but after working with Conor as my trainer I can already see changes and I feel absolutely great! All the trainers here are exceptional! A special shout out to Scott, Tom, Corey, Laurel, Eddie, and Isaiah! You are all exceptional at what you do! If you’re looking for a gym that will give you the best results, definitely become a member at Best Fitness Fuller Road!

David Gordis 1 year ago

Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality After checking a few other possibilities, I decided to join Best Fitness and I have been very pleased with the experience. The gym is well run, staff are professional and friendly and I have connected with a remarkable trainer, Tom Sokol , who is outstanding. I strongly recommend Best Fitness!

Tom Keys 1 year ago

Positive: Quality Great place, was in town for a short while and was afraid is loose a week training for my Powerlifting meet. They hooked me up so I could get my lifting in. Highly recommend

Rachel Trowbridge 1 year ago

Best gym in the capital region! Clean facilities, and friendly staff from the front desk, to the trainers, to the managers! I could not be more thankful to them for helping me toward reaching my fitness goals. I would highly recommend checking it out for working out, training, or classes! Thank you Best!

Matteo Curto 1 year ago

As a graduated division 1 athlete, I was just looking to join a gym and execute what I learned from professional trainers I worked with at my college. Connor from best fitness performed a free fitness consultation and taught me a lot and helped me to formulate a plan. Not only that, I quickly learned he’s an expert in his field and I am excited to continue to learn and grow with this gym. Unbelievable experience so far and it’s thanks to Connor’s passion, commitment, and knowledge. I would highly recommend Connor to not only beginners, but also, well seasoned athletes looking to continue with another professional.

Trisha Terns 1 year ago

I was pleased to pop in to this place one time. While I am in the midst of travel. The front desk was a little confused when I called in, which was kind of confusing for me because I was calling to come in for the first time and try out the place, but I think it was just a person that’s not used to answering the phone. So if anything that could be improved, that would be it. Once I talked to the manager, however, communication was great and he added me to guest list immediately and allowed me to come in for free to check the place out. The Space is extremely clean and open. There were people cleaning amidst a busy night which to me is always a positive especially in the times were in. All the equipment was very well-maintained And it was a motivational environment to be in. People working hard and trainers around talking to individuals and doing walk-throughs. There were a lot of people in there on a Tuesday evening, which tells me that it’s a very loved Place. Thanks for the work out and if I’m in the area again I will certainly be back!

Teddy Safarian (Teddy) 1 year ago

What a great gym! Came in from out of town and was able to get a day pass easily. Huge facility with every toy you can imagine and not over crowded. If I lived in New York I would join!

Diego Tellez 1 year ago

Great gym in Albany New York. For those looking for heavy weights and or power lifting, they have it all. Friendly great staff.

Jonathan Delaney 2 years ago

Connor and the staff were very friendly and accommodating to me when I showed up to the gym on Thanksgiving Day. I appreciated their hospitality and will definitely come back in the future.

David Lynch 2 years ago

BF Fuller is a great little gym with everything you need. Their staff and trainers are very knowledgeable and care about their clients. This location also offers group fitness classes which are excellent. Lastly, the location is super convenient and has plenty of parking.

Jennaleigh Buffo 2 years ago

Very clean, wonderful staff. Even with covid, Best Fitness Fuller Rd goes out of their way to create a clean, comfortable, and friendly environment!

Melissa Myers 2 years ago

Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality I’m so grateful for Best Fitness-Fuller Road. During the quarantine, they offered outdoor workouts so that we could stay healthy with the COVID running around. They kept everything safe and sanitized. The staff was friendly and adapted very well to this new normal. Thank you, Best Fitness!

Mike Passiglia 2 years ago

My gym is the best place to work out! It has all the equipment I need to stay in shape and the staff is always willing to help me out.

Sam 3 years ago

New equipment, clean and accommodating. It has become my go to gym when I am in the area. Staff are always friendly and the gym has everything I need. Very happy to have found this gym.

John Amann 4 years ago

Plenty of equipment and not crowded. It was a great place to work out. I like how it's in an old factory building. My friend is a member and they let me work out with him with a free guest pass.

Mike Fiore 4 years ago

Best Gym in the 518. Super clean gym with a friendly staff willing to help no matter the situation. The personal training team is very professional and definitely knows what they're talking about. Whether this is your first time in the gym or you're a serious weightlifter, this gym caters to you.

Carolina Ruiz 4 years ago

My favorite gym in town. Definitely better than the central location. It’s not as big but it’s newer and cleaner and is never quite as crowded. I actually live closer to the central ave one but drive the extra 5 minutes to get to this one.

Alex Trataros 5 years ago

Awesome gym. It's clean, spacious, people who workout here are awesome, and the employees are very personable. If you have any questions talk to Tim. The dude hooked me up!

Ryan Tully 5 years ago

The gym itself was very clean with a variety of exercise equipment fit for anyone from a beginner to experienced weightlifter. The staff there is kind and attentive, and were willing to accommodate me for my busy and always traveling active duty military status. Cody in sales was espescially helpful and very professional.

Ashram Hercules 5 years ago

Got a chance to check out this amazing gym today. Where it lacks in size it make up in style. Very clean/new/fresh place to get your daily pump. Locker rooms are clean and open. I will definitely be back.

Tim Wells 5 years ago

Great fitness experience! The staff has been super helpful and cooperative. So far my wife and I are very happy. And Fuller Rd is the best Best!! It even says it on the sign out front.

Frank Centinello 5 years ago

I sample gyms all over the country due to my travel schedule (>6 mo/year). Some a terrible, and some are great. This Best Fitness is clean, has new machines, and the management are very accommodating to me coming in for a week or two and training. There's a breadth of machinery and equipment to get exactly the workout you want. I'll be through Albany again, and I will be training here.

Geoffry Govertsen 5 years ago

The negative reviews for this gym are simply hysterical. My partner is a HUGE gym buff and I'm an on&off regular. Best fitness is great. This one of the three locally being my favorite. Easily the most accepting and calmest crowd of all the Capital Region Bests. They have all the equipment I could need, and then some. The trainers are as varied as any other gym, the community being equally varied. Don't take the other reviews of people complaining about customer service to heart. I once switched my cards without telling them and ended up with $300 in fees, and when I calmly called and asked for help, ALL of those fees were eradicated and I was given the month free.

rdetriquet 5 years ago

This place is awesome. Plenty of space. All of the machines and equipment are in great working order. Erica, the manager, was super helpful. Definitely recommend if u r traveling through town.

john Canaday 6 years ago

This gym is very large, clean and has many free weights, many benchs of all types and no waiting to use them . If you like machines they have all different kinds for every muscle and body part you can think of. All equiptment is very well kept and is in good working condition. Staff is very friendly and plenty of parking. Just remember to always read your contracts !!!!!

Dwight Frederick 6 years ago

Great facility with everything you need and more. Three squat racks, two benches, plenty of iso and cable machines as well. A lot of the complaints seem to come from people trying to cancel their membership, but if you're look for a gym to join, and not one to quit, this one is great. Bonus: bumper plates.

Kaitlyn Mackey 6 years ago

Best gym atmosphere by far! I am here every day and every single staff member has a smile on at all times even when they're obviously busy with multiple clients back to back, I'm always greeted multiple times on the way in and on the way out, staff makes an effort to get to know you, always a clean environment, plenty of equipment available (even during peak hours). Love it here and I am always recommending it to people! Can't say enough great things! Those people who have reviewed this place poorly are clearly blind, unfriendly, and are apparently only there to watch tv. I wonder if they curl in the squat rack? :P

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Opening Hours, Price and Opinions (3)

Best Fitness Fuller Road appears in the following listings:

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Best Fitness Fuller Road appears in the following listings:

43 Gyms in Albany
1847 Gyms in State of New York
43 Gyms in Albany County

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