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The Quest, Questions and Answers, is the fifteenth Main Quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

From your new home in Pirkstein back at Rattay, you’re supposed to go meet with Sir Hanush and Sir Radzig in the upper castle when you’re ready.


Now would be a good time to sell all the stuff you looted from the bandit camp (you can return to the now empty camp to loot more stuff when you want), and wash all of Runt’s blood off your face.

At the castle, it seems bad news is coming in droves: More Bandits attacked Merhojed while you were gone, and the money taken from the bandit camp is all counterfeit. A silver lining appears though - they took one of the bandits prisoner, and Sir Radzig wants you to go out and put those detective skills to work once more.

Heading back to Merhojed, Henry is reminded that one of his friends who survived the attack on Skalitz, Matthias, is now living in Merhojed. Hopefully he’s ok. As you enter the town, you’ll see dead horses and smoke stacks - but no burned houses, thankfully.

Ask around and you’ll get some bad news - not only did the Bandits wound a number of people - including Matthias, but the plague has come to Merhojed too. This will start a new side quest called Pestilence, but as it is integral to the main quest, we’ll cover it here.


To find the captive, you need to talk to Melichar, the man in charge. His home is off on the West side of the village, and you’ll see a guard outside the home keeping watch.

Melichar isn’t too pleased Radzig was absent during the attack and knows nothing about this new plague, so it’s up to Henry to save the day. As it turns out, even the prisoner has the plague, and unless you do something about it, a lot of people are going to die.

Note: Even if you intimidate and punch your way past the guard to the prisoner, you won’t be able to get anything out of him in this state - you’re only hope lies in curing the plague.

Melichar mentions that Matthias may know someone at the Sasau Monastery who might be able to help, but you’ll also need to know the symptoms of what you’re dealing with. One step at a time though, Matthias is our next target.

He’s lying down in the stables to the North, and he can tell you a lot about what happened, and what many of the symptoms of the plague are.


There are more people sick - each house that is marked with an X is a sign that someone inside isn’t doing too good, so feel free to interrogate who you need to, and get the answers you need before riding for Sasau.

The house in the bottom Southeast corner belongs to Vincent and his wife Wilma - both sick. They’ve got fevers and the runs - and if you’ve boned up on your reading skill, you can undertake a side quest to write his Last Will and Testament… if you have time to spare.

Next door, Melichar’s wife isn’t doing great either - she’s got a fever as well. Past that is Straw’s house - and he’s a bit out of it.

He’ll start screaming at you, so either talk him down or slap some sense into him, then check on his wife to find her with a fever as well.

At the grocer’s home, Daniel has gone a bit crazy and thinks you may be his brother. Play along and you’ll find out he’s hot and has an unquenchable thirst.


North of his home, Bedrishka is praying for her dead husband Anthony. If you want to get details of how he died - you’ll have to help bury him.

Get a spade and dig a hole in the backyard, then return to fetch the body. After the burial, you’ll be informed that in addition to the fever, Anthony had great stomach pain before dying.

Now it’s time to ride for Sasau. If you haven’t explored it yet, take the road Southwest from Merhojed and down to Samopesh. Ride through the small village and out West then further South until you hit the great Sasau Monastery, with the town of Sasau below along the river.

It’s a bustling place full of every kind of merchant you can think of, so be sure to explore, and if you took the last will of Vincent you can turn that in to the local priest. You can also find your other friends Fritz and Matthew at the inn near the Monastery, and help them out with a task if you have the time.


The woman you are looking for, Johanka, resides inside the monastery itself. As you enter, you’ll find that most people aren’t happy to see you trespassing, and the inner cloister on the right is strictly forbidden.

You can find Johanka in a medical ward just to the left of the redstone abbey that’s under construction.

Johanka will be happy to see you, but the reunion is short lived as Henry gives news of the plague. She thinks Brother Nicodemus can help, the local physician - but they already have their hands full with the wounded who survived the Skalitz massacre.

You can offer to help and start on another side quest to make things better - otherwise you can usually find Nicodemus in the next room by the alchemy table.

Talk to him about the plague, and you’ll need to accurately convey what’s going on - hopefully you checked in on everyone and got info on the illness in Merhojed. Tell Nicodemus that half the town is sick, and all the animals are dead. He’ll lead you to his books to find the problem.


You’ll need a good reading skill to forge your own path here, as Nicodemus searches aimlessly for the book - you can find it on the lectern to the left of the desk by the bookcase.

The book is called Brevarium de Signis Causis, and explains how the excess of one of the four humors can lead to disease. An excess of mucus can cause diptheria - but it doesn’t infect animals. Too much black bile causes the plague - but it does not affect small animals.

Keep reading to find a section on poisoning, which while not transmitted between humans and beasts, can all become inflicted from a contaminated source - with the animals dying sooner. That sounds familiar!

Tell Nicodemus you’ve solved the riddle, and that it’s poisoning from tainted water. If you have a decent alchemy skill, you can assist him in making medicine - and leave to use his alchemy table - and his rack of ingredients to the left of the alchemy station!

To prepare the remedy, you’ll need Charcoal, Valerian, and 2 Thistle. Put some water in the cauldron and follow these steps as best you can:

  • Drop the two thistle in the cauldron and then set the bellows until the water boils, keep it boiling for two turns of the sandglass.
  • After the two turns, add the valerian into the cauldron and boil for one more turn of the sandglass.
  • Leave the bellows and wait until the concoction stops boiling, and the fire goes out, letting the potion cool.
  • Finally, add the charcoal to the charcoal, do NOT Boil, and instead grab a phial to complete the recipe!


Once you have the potion ready, ride to Merhojed where Nicodemus and Johanka will already be tending to the sick. You’ll likely find Nicodemus in Straw’s house, and he’ll split up the medicine for you to give to Melichar’s family and the others.

He’ll also tell you that they won’t let him go near the prisoner - and they intend to let him die. You’ll have to do something about that if you want the answers you seek. First, give the antidote to Bedrishka, Daniel, and Vincent.

Once they are feeling better, speak to Melichar. He’ll be overjoyed with your help - even if they haven’t fully healed yet.

You can tell Melichar who he should be thankful for, and he’ll open up the shed to let you administer the cure to the bandit. Now comes the moment of truth!


After a couple of hours, if you made the correct assumption that it was water poisoning, the bandit will be back in the land of the living and ready for questioning. He won’t even argue the point, being the sensible bandit that he is.

Interrogate him and you’ll learn the mysterious “Chief” is calling the shots, a foreigner with nobility in his veins and a lot of coin. Unfortunately, details are sparse - but if you ask about the forgeries, he’ll tell you that he was given the forged money by a man named Menhart. The bandit was supposed to meet with this shady guy soon - which you can use to your advantage.

The bandit also has a letter he was given to take to Menhart from the Chief - another big clue you can use to your advantage. After you finish interrogating him, he’ll plead for mercy and a quick death - rather than being interrogated by the executioner anew. It will be up to you if you want to put in a good word - but first you’ll have to deal with Straw.

Note: If you botched things up, or deduced the wrong cause of the illness, and caused the bandit to die, you won’t have the lead for the location of Menhart’s meeting place - instead, you’ll have to rely on a letter the bandit was carrying that mentions a German knight in Sasau looking for this Menhart character.

Straw will burst in looking for blood, and you can either let him have the bandit to kill, or talk him down.


He has virtually no speech skill to match your own so it shouldn’t be hard to get your way, and take the prisoner back to Rattay with you. Speak to the bandit to automatically fast travel back to the dungeons below the Rathaus in Rattay.

With the bandit locked away, it’s time to tell Sir Radzig what you’ve learned.

You’ll find him up at Talmberg at a camp between the castle and Merhojed, overlooking Talmberg.

Tell him what you found out - either from your interrogation or the letter, whichever you were able to get.


Radzig will express his gratitude for your ability, and send you either to intercept Menhart, or find this German knight in Sasau - as part of your next task.

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