Teleportation Coordinates-Resource (2022)

== Teleport Codes ==

I've worked these coordinates out over the years and just finished the treasure locations out today.
You must be OFF your horse for the teleport to work.

Get coordinates of your present location. (I hit Escape, then Tilde to pause the game and stop all action. I now have time to copy down new coordinates.)

To use this “exact” list of coordinates, you need to download and install the mod “Cheat”, from
You can use these coordinates without the “Cheat” mod from by using “goto ”, but you’ll have to remove the “X:, Y: and Z:” from my list’
For instance, the Inn at Ledetchko would be “goto 2040 1295 30” instead of “cheat_teleport x:2040 y:1295 z:30” from my list. (Use No “Quotations”)

EDIT: After using the CHEAT mod, the command “goto 2040 1295 30” (etc.), doesn't work now...? Also, I can not obtain my present coordinates with "wh_rpg_getLocation" any longer, but the command "cheat_loc" does.

"At Your Service, My Lady" Quest

Master Engraver's shop in Sasua ('At Your Service, My Lady' Quest)
cheat_teleport x:1004.01 y:1521.29 z:23.58

Martin Viezek - Where Moldavite is found (wagon on road)
cheat_teleport x:409.46 y:1743.69 z:30.79

Uzhitz Stud Farm (Get roan)
cheat_teleport x:3184.73 y:3051.56 z:156.06

Simon (priest in the woods), concubine's mother's house (She might not be there if you use 'teleport'...?)
cheat_teleport x:1041.49 y:3828.64 z:49.02

Mary's grave (In search of Simon the priest)
cheat_teleport x:197.70 y:3466.19 z:74.31

Camp where Simon is being held
cheat_teleport x:123.67 y:3412.14 z:89.50

New Pribyslavitz (outside the church entrance)
cheat_teleport x:1571.32 y:3721.37 z:105.85

Herbalist woman (near Uzhitz - Stay Awake Potion for soldiers during Tamberg siege)
cheat_teleport x:2318.52 y:3296.00 z:150.18

Herbalist woman (near Neuhof)
cheat_teleport x:3245.57 y:1514.61 z:117.16

Herbalist woman Kunhuta (north of Ledetchko)
cheat_teleport x:1979.73 y:1625.73 z:100.31

Ledetchko Inn
cheat_teleport x:2040 y:1295 z:30

Charcoal burners southeast of Neuhof, where you are first directed to look for Ginger
cheat_teleport x:3627.82 y:940.06 z:87.03

Charcoal burners north of Neuhof (Second place to look for Ginger)
cheat_teleport x:3254.91 y:2133.03 z:125.80

Charcoal burners northwest of Neuhof, west of the one above (where they tell you where Ginger is)
cheat_teleport x:2694.92 y:2319.00 z:102.50

Camp where Ginger is hiding...
cheat_teleport x:2832.10 y:2417.32 z:146.12

Cave where Reeky is hiding
cheat_teleport x:2431.24 y:1708.84 z:127.24

Charcoal burners north of Inn in the Glade (Pitch during Talmberg siege)
cheat_teleport x:2680.85 y:2304.35 z:102.35
'The Die Is Cast' quest - Swamp by Sasau to meet bandit thugs
cheat_teleport x:1012.46 y:1844.83 z:19.68
--- --- --- --- ---
'The King's Silver' quest:
Skalitz silver processing yard (Destination "A" in 'The King's Silver' quest)
cheat_teleport x:839.96 y:3289.42 z:22.17

Skalitz silver waterworks (Destination "B" in 'The King's Silver' quest)
cheat_teleport x:379.62 y:3511.17 z:36.69
beginning of area (cheat_teleport x:382.36 y:3523.60 z:36.35)

Skalitz silver mine gallery mentioned by Master Feyfar (Destination "C" in 'The King's Silver' quest)
cheat_teleport x:419.26 y:3383.95 z:36.70

Skalitz silver mine gallery - inside, where you fall in the water
cheat_teleport x:333.03 y:3120.38 z:59.67

Skalitz silver mine gallery - inside, where you fall in the water (Escape the mine: exit)
cheat_teleport x:736.89 y:3038.39 z:72.04
--- --- --- --- ---
Band of Bastards (on road near encampment)
cheat_teleport x:2277.31 y:990.40 z:72.69
--- --- --- --- ---
"Ruin" quest
"Ruin" quest - Bandit Camp (between Vranik and Ledetchko) North of the one below
cheat_teleport x:1670.32 y:970.63 z:32.23

"Ruin" quest - Bandit Camp (between Vranik and Rattay) .. South of the one above
cheat_teleport x:1724.48 y:747.40 z:69.87

"Ruin" quest - Bandit camp near Neuhof
cheat_teleport x:3216.46 y:1400.41 z:95.90

"Ruin" quest - Bandit Camp (South-east map)
cheat_teleport x:3410.13 y:650.39 z:61.17
"Raiders" quest
Cuman camp north west of Inn in the Glade (Bounty for Cuman during Talmberg seige) "Raiders" quest
cheat_teleport x:2467.84 y:2194.24 z:150.49

Cuman camp north east of Talmberg (Bounty for Cuman during Talmberg seige) "Raiders" quest
cheat_teleport x:2699.65 y:3191.74 z:140.52

Cuman camp, north east of Rovna (inside the cave!) "Raiders" quest
cheat_teleport x:1635.53 y:3282.32 z:54.36
* (On hill above cave) *
cheat_teleport x:1664.49 y:3297.95 z:60.14

Cuman camp east, south-east of Uzhitz (Bounty for Cuman during Talmberg seige) "Raiders" quest
cheat_teleport x:3580.67 y:3188.75 z:171.81

Cuman camp south of Talmberg (Bounty for Cuman) "Raiders" quest
cheat_teleport x:2415.30 y:2343.35 z:108.94
"Interlopers" quest
Bandit Camp - West part of map - In Skalitz Hills (Interlopers quest #1)
cheat_teleport x:191.82 y:3284.10 z:105.31

Bandit Camp - West part of map - In Skalitz Hills (Interlopers quest #2)
cheat_teleport x:544.27 y:2811.55 z:86.86

Bandit Camp - West of river (Interlopers quest #3)
cheat_teleport x:559.91 y:2409.19 z:31.81

Monastery- North Sasau Monastery - In front of Overseer Sebastian's office, (Turn in Interlopers evidence of bandits killed)
cheat_teleport x:908.04 y:1773.52 z:45.27

Bandit camp where bandits are holding Esther (Damsel in Distress) In Skalitz Hills
cheat_teleport x:778.19 y:2816.61 z:115.12

Bandit camp in Skalitz Hills (All That Glisters), Hill overlookingcounterfeiter's camp
cheat_teleport x:1065.55 y:2774.85 z:53.90

Bandit Camp - WEST PART OF MAP
cheat_teleport x:544.27 y:2811.55 z:86.86
--- --- --- --- ---
*More Bandit Camps* (during Talmberg siege)

Eastern Encampment (Camp C)
cheat_teleport x:2695.19 y:2946.27 z:110.06

Northern Encampment (Camp A)
cheat_teleport x:2054.22 y:3359.47 z:117.21

Western Encampment (Camp B)
cheat_teleport x:1909.83 y:2859.61 z:148.36

Camp (bandits?) near river crossing, West Map
cheat_teleport x:411 y:1877 z:29

Sir Hans Capon Amorous Adventures DLC - Quest "Game of Throws" - Sir Anselm's camp (Alphonse dead body)
cheat_teleport x:387.87 y:1885.78 z:21.11

Sir Hans Capon Amorous Adventures DLC - Inside Karolina's room (deliver letter & necklace)
cheat_teleport x:2518.79 y:587.02 z:81.33

Sir Hans Capon Amorous Adventures DLC - Lord Capon's encampment north east of Neuhof
cheat_teleport x:3841.25 y:1797.18 z:127.59

*River crossing - West Map center (Band of Bastards ambush)
cheat_teleport x:492.04 y:2081.24 z:16.40

Talmbergtrebuchet encampment (Siege on Talmberg)
cheat_teleport x:2327.26 y:2947.64 z:123.05

Stone Quarry Encampment (during Talmberg siege)
cheat_teleport x:2144.87 y:2929.97 z:75.10

Sir Divish's camp while Talmberg under siege
cheat_teleport x:2269.54 y:2612.57 z:95.75

Lookout point by Talmberg (Sir Radzig)
cheat_teleport x:1941.01 y:2825.46 z:146.87

Talmberg Inn
cheat_teleport x:2390 y:2715 z:87

Talmberg (outside main gate)
cheat_teleport x:2350.95 y:2833.24 z:105.33

Talmberg castle (inside, bottom of stairs)
cheat_teleport x:2337.28 y:2768.48 z:103.88

Inn in the Glade
cheat_teleport x:2838 y:1928 z:158

Uzhitz Inn
cheat_teleport x:3060 y:3325 z:154

Uzhitz Stud Farm (Buy Pegasus)
cheat_teleport x:3184.73 y:3051.56 z:156.06

'Waldensians' quest - Bauer's farm (south-east of Uzhitz)
cheat_teleport x:3521.03 y:2606.10 z:168.31

'Fishy Business in Uzhitz' quest (north-east map, near the cross from 'Waldensians' quest, above
cheat_teleport x:3491.15 y:3613.22 z:155.24

Monastery Gate
cheat_teleport x:930 y:1600 z:35

Monastery- Center of Sasau Monastery
cheat_teleport x:915.62 y:1703.06 z:43.05

Monastery- North Sasau Monastery - In front of Overseer Sebastian's office
cheat_teleport x:908.04 y:1773.52 z:45.27

Monastery- North Sasau Monastery - Overseer Sebastian's office (by his desk)
cheat_teleport x:916.44 y:1786.87 z:49.00

Monastery- North Sasau Monastery - Overseer Sebastian's main room (downstairs)
cheat_teleport x:908.84 y:1784.17 z:46.08

Monastery basement (Sasau) - under cloister (where monks drink at night)
cheat_teleport x:993.57 y:1646.05 z:33.11

Monastery(The House of God quest) - Atop scaffolding (Meet Zmola)
cheat_teleport x:960.07 y:1690.38 z:58.97

'The Die Is Cast' quest - Swamp by Sasau to meet bandit thugs
cheat_teleport x:1012.46 y:1844.83 z:19.68

Vranik (outside at fast travel spot)
cheat_teleport x:890.11 y:855.61 z:118.48

Sasau - Center of town
cheat_teleport x:926.47 y:1210.17 z:26.48

Sasau - North of town
cheat_teleport x:1011 y:1314 z:24

Sasau (Near tanner - fight)
cheat_teleport x:738.30 y:1119.88 z:21.07

Sasau Church - In front of church (outside, by door)
cheat_teleport x:852.35 y:1154.91 z:29.15

Sasau Inn - Near Sasau Monastery (bottom of stairs), my room
cheat_teleport x:902.19 y:1429.11 z:25.85

Sasau - Willow tree beside pond to meet Ulrich (German knight)
cheat_teleport x:753 y:1342 z:27


Rattay west Gate
cheat_teleport x:2525 y:500 z:67

Rattay east Gate (before bridge)
cheat_teleport x:2772.35 y:677.58 z:99.76

Rattay - In front of the Rathaus
cheat_teleport x:2531.58 y:562.09 z:77.83

Rattay executioner
cheat_teleport x:2226.91 y:490.12 z:76.16

Rattay mill, east of Rattay ('Tough Love' quest - Hanged husband's parents)
cheat_teleport x:3119.72 y:585.88 z:54.79

Rattay at upper castle (Rattay Tourney)
cheat_teleport x:2731.05 y:664.25 z:102.26

Rattay - Capon's room in Pirkstein castle (in Rattay)
cheat_teleport x:2563 y:447 z:73

Rattay - Henry's room in Pirkstein castle (in Rattay)
cheat_teleport x:2551.14 y:459.27 z:68.02

Rattay - Master Feyfar Tobias' room in Pirkstein castle (in case the door is locked)
cheat_teleport x:2574 y:445 z:70

Rattay Mill (Miller Peyshek & Theresa)
cheat_teleport x:2453.16 y:693.27 z:28.23

Rattay Jail cells
cheat_teleport x:2497 y:539 z:73


Ledetchko Inn
cheat_teleport x:2040 y:1295 z:30

cheat_teleport x:1560 y:3710 z:105

cheat_teleport x:1630 y:2620 z:126

Simon's Mill
cheat_teleport x:1600 y:1840 z:21

cheat_teleport x:1140 y:2240 z:71

Skalitz fast travel location
cheat_teleport x:886.77 y:3375.38 z:27.27

Skalitz - Inside front gate (Don't use this at beginning of game)
cheat_teleport x:822.52 y:3514.70 z:50.15

cheat_teleport x:1236.90 y:3079.69 z:15.87

cheat_teleport x:3467 y:1422 z:125

Neuhof Stud Farm
cheat_teleport x:3519 y:1521 z:131

Neuhof north road - near charcoal burners:
cheat_teleport x:3218.1436 y:2022.8928 z:150.80717

Neuhof road north of Neuhof1:
cheat_teleport x:3439.5381 y:1687.504 z:140.29449

Neuhof north forest_1:
cheat_teleport x:3666.5132 y:1803.5696 z:136.01175

Neuhof standing in north of Neuhof:
cheat_teleport x:3754.0728 y:2095.2197 z:129.94048

Rebuilding New Pribyslavitz

New Pribyslavitz (outside the church entrance)
cheat_teleport x:1571.32 y:3721.37 z:105.85

Charcoal burners northwest of Neuhof, for charcoal supplies for New Pribyslavitz (Talk to "Charcoal-burner Spokesman")
cheat_teleport x:2694.92 y:2319.00 z:102.50

Talmberg Stone Quarry (Supplies for New Pribyslavitz) Talk to Rupert
cheat_teleport x:2144.87 y:2929.97 z:75.10

Sasau - Center of town (Livestock & Grain: Supplies for New Pribyslavitz) Talk to the Bailiff for grain and the Butcher for livestock.
cheat_teleport x:926.47 y:1210.17 z:26.48


Ancient Treasure I - Req: Spade
cheat_teleport x:3872 y:880 z:158

Ancient Treasure II - Req: None - look for a big rock next to a cave
cheat_teleport x:874 y:268 z:180

Ancient Treasure III - Req: Spade
cheat_teleport x:3156 y:3837 z:167

Ancient Treasure IV - Req: Lockpick (Easy)
cheat_teleport x:1723 y:778 z:74

Ancient Treasure V - Lockpicking Very Hard - Next to a broken hut near the deer hunting spot
cheat_teleport x:475 y:3868 z:39

Treasure I
Enter abandoned house and turn left, use the ladder down to cave. Lockpicking Hard
cheat_teleport x:644 y:1921 z:111

Treasure II
A grave, dig with your spade.
cheat_teleport x:382 y:1813 z:22

Treasure III location (West of Sassau Monastery)
cheat_teleport x:223 y:1695 z:71

Treasure IV - In the cave entrance - Lockpicking: Very Hard
cheat_teleport x:2773 y:1449 z:107

Treasure V - A bag inside a dried-up well
cheat_teleport x:2084 y:2054 z:126

Treasure VI - Lockpicking: Hard
cheat_teleport x:2267 y:1589 z:114

Treasure VII - In a Woodland Garden - Lockpicking Hard
cheat_teleport x:1860 y:1522 z:80

Treasure VIII - Bag behind a bare tree
cheat_teleport x:2332 y:1120 z:54

Treasure IX - Right next to the stone bridge
cheat_teleport x:869 y:3279 z:20

Treasure X - Spade
cheat_teleport x:1683 y:938 z:40

Treasure XI
cheat_teleport x:1444 y:1141 z:37 (mine shaft)

Treasure XII - Req: Lockpick (Hard)
cheat_teleport x:3177 y:336 z:136

Treasure XIII - Req: Lockpick (Easy)
cheat_teleport x:3608 y:715 z:100

Treasure XIV - Req: Spade
cheat_teleport x:3693 y:1259 z:87

Treasure XV - Req: Spade
cheat_teleport x:2943 y:1331 z:91

Treasure XVI - Req: Spade
cheat_teleport x:482 y:2578 z:20

Treasure XVII - Req: Spade
cheat_teleport x:770 y:2573 z:20

Treasure XVIII - Req: Lockpick (Easy)
cheat_teleport x:2494 y:2817 z:99

Treasure XIX - Req: Spade - grave on a little island on the river
cheat_teleport x:856 y:1340 z:18

Treasure XX - Under a tree. Lockpicking Easy
cheat_teleport x:740 y:3700 z:29

Treasure XXI - Req: Lockpick (Very Hard) (Go down the ladders)
cheat_teleport x:621 y:3103 z:110

Treasure XXII - Req: None - bag next to destroyed gallows
cheat_teleport x:600 y:609 z:159

Treasure XXIII - Inside a small cave
cheat_teleport x:1018 y:3971 z:53

Treasure XXIV - Spade
cheat_teleport x:901 y:3844 z:66

Treasure XXV - Spade
cheat_teleport x:220 y:3475 z:77

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